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I Passed......



my test and got my license today! :D

I only screwed up on one thing and other than that the guy said I did perfect.

After that we went out to eat at Out Back and after our meal the waitress gave me free ice cream for getting my license lol

Only thing is my lip had to be cut and bruised a little from a tree branch smacking me in the face a couple days ago (don't ask, you know I'm awesome :P) so it looks kinda weird...but what ever. I drove to my sis's at 9 and hung out with her until 10 then drove home......pretty awesome driving alone...and at night! :o lol

Anyway....I'ma be getting to bed soon....


Remember that disco is in this year! :D


-Jordboy1 :miru:


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Hey, don't worry, I'm not the type that just because I passed my test I think I can drive however I want now, I still drive safe. :P


-Jordboy1 :miru:

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Oh I so proud of you JB1 ( Oh my gosh, I sound like your mother :P) No but good job! And the waitress must of thought you were cute or something to give you a free ice cream!! :P Yes my partents are like you guys have to learn to drive so you can go to the store when I forget to buy something!! :P I'm like well your not helping things your making me wait longer!! :P What kinda car do you have?


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Driving alone can be very relaxing :D Just think of all the adventures you'll have now :P


Congrats Disco man! I'm proud of you *gives you a coat, made out of coat, that's made out of disco* (That's one swingin' coat)





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