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Farshtey Feed (p284-296)



Sunday, March 28, 2010

• The Ignika was able to create the Golden Armor because the materials used to make it were partly organic. [source]
• The lava plain onto which Tahu thought he walking when he exited the Matoran universe was an illusion caused by the Ignika. It was supposed to be a lava plain of the island of Mata Nui, meant to put Tahu in a comfortable setting. The Ignika also never left its place in the prototype robot -- what Tahu saw of the Ingika was also an illusion. [source]
• Mata Nui enabled the inhabitants of the Matoran universe to communicate with those of Bara Magna through some special power of his. [source]


• Teridax could have survived his blow to the head if he had known it was coming by fleeing the body. He did not, however, know it was coming and was caught possessing a body which then got killed, and he was therefore killed with it. [source]
• Greg would assume that some might have been killed when Teridax took the blow to his head. [source]
• Matoran universe's impact upon the surface of Bara Magna caused an event like the Great Cataclysm within. [source]
• The Matoran universe outside of Metru Nui was able to remain undamaged from Teridax's fall because it took a few seconds for the robot's gravity stabilizers to power down, affording its innards enough protection to survive the fall intact. [source]
• On the reason for Mata Nui's withdrawal from society: "Basically, because if you think about what happened on Spherus Magna, everyone was looking to the ELs for leadership. When the ELs said go to war, everyone went, regardless of what a stupid idea it was. Mata Nui does not want the people of SM to be dependent on him for direction. He wants them to be an independent people who can solve their own problems without "big brother" there to do it for them." [source]
• Mata Nui is currently restoring his energies and remaining dormant. He is conscious but not active. [source]

• If Takanuva were to wear a different Kanohi, its color would turn gold. [source]
• On whether Takanuva has changed his coloration back to normal: "For the moment, I am going to have to say no, only because if post-Makuta comics ever get made in the coming year, the artist would be working off the 2008 set or the 2009 set, as he does not have access to the 2003 set." [source]
• Greg doubts that Tahu will continue to wear the Golden Armor now that its power has been expended. [source]
• Were Tahu to step down, Kopaka would be second in line to lead the Toa Nuva, and probably Gali would be third. [source]

• On what the new society on Spherus Magna will do with villains such as the Barraki and the Dark Hunters: "Well, they would have to capture them first. It's a big planet with a lot of places to hide, so odds are the 'villains' will disappear until they want to be found." [source]
• It will be easy for Nektann and his Skakdi to claim some part of Spherus Magna to live in, since it is a big place and no one is looking for them. [source]
• On Ahkmou's fate: "Oh, this is an easy one -- if you were Ahkmou, what would you do? I would find myself a bunch of Agori who don't know who I am and hang out with them. And I am sure that is what he is doing. Remember, the new society does not mean everyone lives together in the same city -- it's a big planet, people are going to scatter, and Ahkmou can easily get lost someplace where MU inhabitants won't run into him." [source]
• Karzahni is still alive. [source]
• The Shadowed One is still alive. [source]
• As things stand now, the Matoran would need to salvage equipment from the Matoran universe and find a way to make it operational in order to be able to reproduce on Spherus Magna. [source]
• Krukua's message to Vakama in the past is currently part of future storyline. [source]
• The Bahrag will be able to escape the Matoran universe; they are otherwise in danger of being unable to survive in its dead-state environment. They are not aware that Mata Nui's mission has been completed or even what his mission is. [source]
• The Bohrok will remain inside their nests. Their dormant Krana will be able to survive, as always. [source]
• The Bahrag will leave the MU and relocate to Spherus Magna, somewhere. The Bohrok are asleep, so the shutdown of the robot will not affect them since they do not require heat, light or air in this state. [source] [source]
• Greg would assume that the Dark Hunters and the Order of Mata Nui will continue to exist in some form. [source]
• The prisoners of the Pit will need to be relocated from the Matoran universe if they are to survive. [source]
• The inhabitants of Xia will most likely stick together and establish their own enclave somewhere. [source]
• With no Makuta to control them, all surviving Rahkshi will become wild. Those Rahkshi who have escaped the Matoran universe have all scattered. [source] [source]
• On government on the new Spherus Magna: "Right now, I am inclined to think that a global government won't happen. If you think about it, it was the governing body -- the Element Lords -- who were the problem the last time." [source]
• On Mata Nui's eventual return: "I see Mata Nui as going the King Arthur route -- someday, he could return at the hour of his people's greatest need." [source]
• Although Umbra would be able to survive in the Matoran universe's sterile state, he will probably emigrate to Spherus Magna and seek out wherever the Ignika is being kept. [source]

• On why the Great Beings preserved the concept of gender in the Matoran universe: "There is no biological reproduction inside the MU. However, there are psychological differences between men and women, and you see that in the female vs. male characters in the MU. The GBs wanted that balance. Look at Metru Nui -- the males tend to be the crafters and laborers, while most of the scholars and teachers are in Ga-Metru. Gali was traditionally the peacemaker in her team." [source]
• "Kra" is the Matoran prefix for the element of Shadow. [source]
• The air of the Matoran universe was always the same as that of the Spherus Magna, as evidenced by the fact that its inhabitants are able to breathe on Spherus Magna. [source]

• Teridax did not unleash shadow leeches on the Matoran during his reign over the Matoran universe. [source]
• Teridax killed the Makuta he had held captive to mass-produce Kraata once he had acquired enough Kraata from them. [source]
• After being teleported to the southern island chains, Keetongu decided to go on a crusade of his own separate from Axonn and Brutaka to do deal with Teridax's takeover. This crusade of his has since become irrelevant. [source]
• Takanuva's plan to have Nuparu tinker with the teleportation device on Destral in order to evade Teridax's takeover met with no results. [source]
• The Turaga were kept in a single cell when Teridax imprisoned them in the Coliseum. [source]
• Ahkmou ordered that statues of Teridax be put all over Metru Nui of his own volition. He had any existing statues of Toa removed. [source]

• On how Gali was ever able to control water that was not liquid protodermis: "That was actually dealt with in story. We showed a Toa -- I don't recall if it was Gali or Nokama -- having to learn to master non-protodermis water, because there were subtle differences." [source]
• Artakha would be able to craft a Kanohi Nuva version of any mask power. [source]
• Greg would assume that the Piraka received their primary weapons from the Dark Hunters' armory. [source]
• The Dark Hunter Vanisher cannot transport people along with him. There are others of Vanisher's species. [source]
• The intelligence of organic Kanohi is more primitive than that of Krana. [source]
• A Toa's spirit star is made of energy. [source]
• On the distinction between the infection of Kanohi by Kraata and infection by antidermis: "Well, the infection from 2001 was caused by kraata infecting masks and thus putting the wearer under Teridax's control. The 2006 infection, however, made the infected susceptible to ANYONE's control, not just Makuta's, so there was a difference in degree." [source]
• Nikila, Krakua, Jovan, Dume, Lesovikk, Lhikan, Tuyet, and Nidhiki each had the same masks he or she had worn as Matoran when they were Toa. [source] [source] [source]
• The blades which destroyed anything they touched which the Zyglak were seen to be using in the Cord had been stolen from someone else. [source]
• Zyglak have their own language. [source]
• When the refugees from Karzahni and Karda Nui came to Metru Nui, they scattered throughout the city. [source]
• Vican went to Metru Nui with the other refugees from Karda Nui. He has decided not to have his appearance undone, since he wants to remind himself of the mistake he made in choosing to ally with the Makuta. Vican will most likely deal with this guilt by trying to work harder and help others more. [source]
• The water drunk on the island of Mata Nui was pumped from underground via wells, meaning it was liquid protodermis. The ocean water was generally not suitable for drinking. [source]
• The Avohkah are considered Rahi. They were created as a result of the processes being used to ready Karda Nui for operation. [source]
• The Dweller in the Deep was created by a Makuta. [source]

• The reason Bara Magna was never seen in the sky on Aqua Magna is because Aqua Magna's rotational spin was such that one side always faced away from Bara Magna, like our moon and the Earth. [source]
• The large swooshes flanking Spherus Magna are made of gas and dust. [source]
• The swooshes around Spherus Magna were probably disrupted by the passage of the moons. [source]
• Spherus Magna is probably not a perfect sphere now, since pieces of its moons fragmented off during their descent. [source]
• Glatorian probably number in the thousands taking all of Spherus Magna into account, and the Agori in the tens of thousands. [source]
• The name of the sun in Spherus Magna's planetary system is Solis Magna. [source]

• On the arrival of Lewa Nuva and company on Bota Magna: "They are in the main universe. Remember, Vezon got time froze and then heard the voice of the GB -- we never said the GB was in the alternate universe. Certainly beings who could invent something like the Olmak (or invent something that could invent that) and something that could basically stop time would be capable of cross-dimensional communication." This Great Being wanted Vezon to retrieve Helryx, Tuyet, Brutaka, etc. because he hopes that they have the power to free him, since Vezon does not. [source] [source]
• Greg will probably give a name to the imprisoned Great Being in Reign of Shadows. [source]
• Teridax did not want Lewa Nuva to be teleported into space with the others because he is able to create air and could allow them to survive. [source]
• Sahmad's Tale extends past Teridax's defeat, since Teridax is not relevant to Sahmad. [source]
• Greg hopes to assign a name to the new villain created by the Skakdi from energized protodermis in Reign of Shadows. [source]
• The new Toa Team featured in the upcoming serial exists as a team as a result of the aftermath of the Journey's End story. These Toa come from other Toa teams or from working alone. [source]


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