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Music Trip



It was in Philly. What do you do in Philly? >>


It was only 3 days long, but the first day, Thursday, we got down at 19ish and on Saturday, we got home at 21 o'clock. Sooo short


Yes, I've started using 24 hours clocks. Dunno why.


Dinner Cruise/Dance was sooo much better than usual. Same company, but the boat and food was so much better. The dance music was eh, but they played Skanky Leg and the entire dance was pretty good. bahah


My room was fun, but I would have rather stayed with my friends in the grade below who brought a Wii and Brawl. lol


Sarah was on my bus and we planned to sit together and did for most of it, but there were times where she had to sit with her shunned friend bahah


Bose headphones cancel obnoxious busmates so well. :3


Gah annoying busmates annoyed me so much.


I regret doing some things, or rather, not doing some things.


Cheesesteakes are so amazing if you get them from the right place.


We went to this concert and it was hilarious bluegrass music. Me and my friends obsessed over one guy.


Franklin Institute led to many funny hands on activities.


Liberty Bell was super boring.


Someone gave me the camera for the year book for the Junior grade. We made videos and used for the entirely wrong purpose bahah.


Overall it was very eh. There were good points, but most of it was boring. I should have hung out with other people, but busmates annoyed me, so I was all complainy and annoyed.




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I wuv them. :wuv: They were pretty expensive, but I got them from my grandma and they were on sale so yeh. I kinda want the over-the-ear ones now, but the on-ears ones rule just as much.
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