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Feels Bad Man



I got some bad grades this (last?) marking period, and I'm not happy about that. I don't really think there was much I could have done, it was just petty mistakes like forgetting to do some assignments.


So first of all I'm not happy about that at all.


Because of the grades my mom is taking away my Xbox entirely as she thinks it is causing all the problems. >>


The Reach Beta comes out next week, and wow, no Xbox.


The internet to my computer already shuts off at 11 PM (I almost said 23 PM O_O)


I left my iPod charger at my dad's house, so no iPoding after internet goes out.


I forgot to tell my mom about AP tests so she never reminded me about them, so I never signed up for them. That means my entire BC Calculus course is pretty much worth nothing.


I have SAT2's this weekend, and I haven't had the time to study yet.


Sarah's been weird lately, but I think thats a lot better than I think it is. waaahtlol


And of course with all this I've just been acting depressed and stuff in school, and it really isn't fun.




Despite all this, it seems this is the season for music. I'm enjoying the new Radio Dept. album, along with the Delorean album. I've also started listening to Sun Airway again, and it looks like they have some new stuff, which I'm excited to listen to. And of course, the xx are as amazing as always, and The Morning Benders too.




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Also a few assignments make you get bad grades? Man, your school stinks. I only have like one class like that and yeah. I mean wtk. Homework counts for like nothing in my math and physics and italian and psych classes which are 4/5 classes I get homework in.


tl;dr: wut



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Not to use this as my main excuse, but 3rd marking period for us is always bad. It's short already, and most of the foreign exchanges are done in it. We get some nice breaks and 3 day weekends, so there usually aren't many assignments. One of my classes I was doing fine in but then had one bad test and brought me down 10 percentage points.


She's a horribly strict grader though, I don't really like her.

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Seriously 10 percentage points? That's just like crazy. But, yeah, third quarter is harder for some reason or another.


In other news like a month ago I got a 0/12 on this pop quiz in English bcos I didn't read. Took me like a month to get back up to a 94. :|


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I started freaking out because at like 11:05 I realized I had a lot of online problems to do, and I couldn't do them. Yes, they were do tomorrow....today?


Whatever so in my rush I found my old USB WiFi thingo and worked it out. I hope my teacher isn't serious with the 12 midnight deadline, as it still let me submit everything normally...


I was so close to raging and just waking everyone in my house up. woooow


and of course hispter gargabgeee

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