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Ice Bat



Apologies for being so dramatic earlier! I try not to do that. : /


So: Have an Ice Bat.



Do you B:NG guys want this? Not sure if we actually are needing them or not, and I know I'm not on the Rahi concept team.


Anyways, this was for the Brotherhood of Makuta club on DA, they were having a Rahi contest. I sketched it up a month or so ago, and promptly abandoned it to the dreaded WIP folder. But I had my last class today, and they just recently reminded us that the contest ends... today. So I went in and finished it up while I was still moping. This is the particular effect I was trying to achieve with my recent Pohatu for Neelh, but obviously I failed. I might redo that one now that I've figured out how to do it. Corel again (how surprising) with pencils.


I'll try to finish the coliseum up tomorrow, since I have only one final to study for now, and I'll be needing to take breaks. If I don't end up posting it, feel free to smack me.


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Wow! Awesome work!


I can't say anything really constructive, because I'm not that arty.

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