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It's cool, but I still think I prefer COD


The load outs are all the same, despite the ability, and I absolutely loath the Assault Rifle, so I suck if I don't find a DMR. The Assault Rifle is way too under powered.


I personally dislike the bloom effect, albeit it is realistic. I just find that although weapons like the Magnum are better, the bloom just ruins all accuracy, and they are really worse.


That Focus Rifle is amazingawesomecool, but I still can't find the Grenade Lawnchair. :/




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Grenade launcher is in the showers in the locker room. Also I have always preferred Halo to cod so the fact that I love this is no surprise.

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Its hard to switch between the two, I'm still throwing grenades when trying to zoom


That said, COD is a lot easier, because you can't be all sneaky and campy in halo. Someone will always find you and shoot at you.

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Yeah I've been told it's in the showers, but it is never there when I go there though, I guess someone has just gotten to it first.


Also I'm fine with switching between the two, I've become accustomed to both control schemes, but I love the sneakiness of COD. Flanking and that stuff is always what I've done best. Although I do hate the campers.... Whatever, I really just dislike Radar, or at least not as a reward. Team Slayer Pro and Swat are mucho enjoyables, but because of no Radar (and the DMR :3)


Also the Commendations are pretty cool, but I don't really understand them.

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The assault rifle is not underpowered. Feather that trigger my friend, if you don't you'll lose a battle using it as you won't be landing the shots.


And the Pistol is amazing, you just have to use it with control.


And there are ways to be sneaky in Halo, you just can't camp like you can in CoD. ;)


And for loadouts, some gametypes will actually change up your weapons, but for others all the weapons are the same for balance reasons. It's a fairer game if everyone just starts with the same weapons.

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I shall try that feathering with the assault rifle, I didn't think about that at all. >>


I try to use the pistol with control, but I may not when I actually am playing. I do know that people love it now though.


I mean I probably crouch too much, but I tend to be too impatient for that.


@~~'s I'd say COD is more faced paced than Halo, but that's me and my TAR rush class haha.


EDIT: I can't wait for Invasion and the awesome loudouts in the latter half :3

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I used to use sprint, but now I vary between that and jetpack. I'm actually pretty good at flying around and killing people.


but then i fall and kill myself because i forget to watch the meter >>

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Choose Sprint on Powerhouse, dash to Plasma Repeater, kill things. :3

no you go for shotgun and armor lock

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I dislike Stockpile because my team is always horrible and I have played it too much.


Jetpack is amazing, people can't aim up.


That was probably because you got one or two of those Commendation awards, I think. Which is still awesome.

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