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The Kings Challenge



I must say I had a good weekend, other that the fun-filled homework day I had today lulz


friday we decided after school to make a movie (about a foursquare champion) but then sarah invited her and her friends, and of course adding girls to a bro event is bad, so it didn't really work out. we tried playing ninesquare, but sarah was the only one that wanted to even move at all. typical girls. it started to rain and sarah invited us all over, but we kinda trolled everyone out when we got there. felt bad, but no one likes them. hah then as soon as the rain stopped, we went out to play foursquare again, but with sarah's new boyfriend (already a bro) but we were all hungry and tired so it wasn't bro time. then he kicked the ball onto the roof and now we can't play foursquare OR ninesquare :(


so we all agreed that friday never happened because none of us enjoyed it. and we all realized how shallow sarah is. lul




the kings challenge


things you will need

-a supermarket

-a set amount of money

-friends (optional really, but its so much more fun lul)


the point of the challenge is to use the set amount of money to buy a satisfying meal from a supermarket. my friends and I used $5 and a Kings, and I had a nice bagel with chicken on it. it was a bit dry, but that is what the Arizona Iced Tea was for. I even had 55 cents left. =O


of course some things are just over proportioned and overpriced, so make deals with your friends. share some moolahs and buy together, it works much better. I did that for the chicken, which was actually really good for only costing $4.


we tossed around a frisbee and walked everywhere looking to buy a foursquare ball, but to no avail. then we saw iron man 2, which we all agreed was actiony and awesome, but the plot made no sense. while we were walking home, matt (sarah's boyfriend) drives by and stops for us.... well kinda.... we still had to run along and hop into the car, but it was all good. then we go to where he was going and it was just an awkward bro get together. we leave shortly lol



felt good man


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