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Farshtey Feed (p312-314)



Friday, May 28, 2010

• Mata Nui gave the ability to understand Agori to all the Matoran universe inhabitants on Bara Magna as well as on Aqua Magna and Bota Magna. However, Lewa Nuva and the others with him in the Great Beings' fortress were shielded from the transmission by the building itself and never received the ability. [source]
• On the plausibility of the reuniting of Spherus Magna: "Think of it this way -- you tear off a chunk of Earth, say with America on it, all the way down to the molten core. The top of the chunk is the surface of the Earth. So the sides of the chunk are what would have been the underground on Earth. Who's living there? Nobody. So if you put the chunk back in place, no one gets hurt. Another analogy. You have a little flag stick in a patch of your lawn. You dig up that patch. Now you have the flag sticking out of the grass, and on every side, the dirt that was underneath that grass. If you then put the divot back in the lawn, the flag is not harmed. As for Aqua Magna, what prevented it [the flooding of Bara Magna] was me and the fact that Earth science only applies in BIONICLE when I want it to." [source]


• On the new style of government on Spherus Magna: "Unknown at this point. I personally don't think a global government would be a good idea, they had one before and that was part of the problem." [source]
• The inhabitants of the Red Star would be aware of the destruction of the Matoran universe robot. They are not, however, aware of the rejoining of Spherus Magna, nor do they care. The Red Star itself will stay in orbit indefinitely now that the Matoran universe is destroyed. [source]
• On re-creating Metru Nui on Spherus Magna: "Cities may well be built on Spherus Magna, but no real reason to make one that looks just like Metru Nui. Metru Nui had a function -- it was the robot's brain -- and that's not needed anymore, so they can make the city look however they like." [source]
• On transplanting the islands of the Matoran universe to the surface of Aqua Magna: "Probably not a good idea ... those islands are designed to exist in a controlled internal environment, not an external environment. For example, none of the cities or villages would have any power, since they got their power from Karda Nui before. They have no self-contained power grid." [source]
• On the continuation of the Matoran race on Spherus Magna without Mata Nui to create new members: "You're assuming Mata Nui had to be directly involved in creating new ones. He didn't. The Turaga, for example, once they were back in Metru Nui could have created more Matoran, even though Mata Nui was still asleep. All he did was create the initial members of species, he didn't have to create every single one. Remember, he was paying virtually no attention to what was going on inside of him for most of the last 100,000 years -- his focus was on the planets he was visiting." [source]

• Karzahni can breathe air and is still alive, but he will most likely be kept in captivity since he is mentally unstable. It is not impossible that he may regain his faculties, though he was never very stable to begin with. [source]
• It is very doubtful that Malum will re-enter society on the new Spherus Magna. [source]
• When the Bahrag are evacuated from the Matoran universe, they will probably go off on their own, since they have nothing in common with Agori or Matoran. [source]
• Were a surviving Bohrok-Kal to turn up on Spherus Magna, it would simply go back to hibernation, since the Bahrag do not need saving. [source]
• Any of the powers that the Barraki gained from their mutation in the Pit have now been lost since their mutation was reverted. [source]

• When he died, Certavus was buried near Iconox. [source]


• Greg would assume that Ice Bats are white or translucent white. [source]
• The Bahrag are susceptible to mind control abilities which might change what they perceive to be their mission. [source]

• Artakha, when he won over Karzahni for the right to possess the Mask of Creation, was not actually personally handed the mask by the Great Beings. [source]
• It is unknown whether Order of Mata Nui members used code names, though the organization was so secretive that the use of code names might have drawn attention to themselves. [source]
• Since being exposed to the antidermis pool, Brutaka understands how to create Rahi. [source]
• There are still some living shadow Takanuva left. [source]

• In the alternate universe of the Melding, Rahkshi exist as servants of the Makuta as guards and scouts, etc. The Element Lords are no longer in power, and the Makuta themselves oversee the tribes of Spherus Magna. [source]

• Some of the mysteries concerning the Red Star may be answered in The Yesterday Quest. [source]

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>> As for Aqua Magna, what prevented it [the flooding of Bara Magna] was me and the fact that Earth science only applies in BIONICLE when I want it to."



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