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Taka Nuvia



... I don't know what to do with this yet, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. ^^


Opinions? (And I know her neck turned out a bit too wide -.-)


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Great attempt. Don't see how the neck is too wide, it's very natural imho. The only real problem I'd find with it is that the ear sticks out too much from the hair. I'd say to cover it a bit more. :)

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I think the neck is good. :)


What to do with it? Why not ink and colour it? Something dark green would seem fitting, IMO.


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I think it is a bit too think. Though you're aiming for a realistic approach, the type of neck does seem unfitting for her. I'd slim out that front part of it, and maybe define where the neck is with the hair.


But the rest is good. One of my favourites from you.

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Really beautiful.

Maybe there's something weird about the shape of the head, but the face is wonderful. It looks so real :bowdown:

You shouldn't ink it IMO, it's too risky.

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