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Farshtey Feed (p314-315)



Friday, June 4, 2010

• On whether the stages of growth of the Kraata whose powers Tahu assimilated matter: "I really haven't thought about the level question, but it is probably something worth us discussing." [source]


• The Skrall homeland is located in the forest of Bota Magna. [source]
• On whether clothing is common in Spherus Magna: "Yes. You wear fabric under the armor. You don't wear armor against bare skin in a desert, you would fry your skin right off." [source]

• Malum tried to kill Strakk in the arena because Strakk had driven him into a rage by wounding him. [source]
• While in exile Malum probably had a hundred or so Vorox at his command. [source]


• The construction of the Matoran universe robot took a matter of months. [source]
• The Great Beings assigned certain members to work on programming Mata Nui's AI. [source]

• The living Mountain of Xia will not survive if it cannot somehow be relocated. [source]
• The Kanohi Aki and Rua can only exist by being formed by the Toa Kaita. [source]
• Greg doubts that an elemental Kanohi would give a user all the abilities of a Toa of that element. [source]

• On whether Toa on Spherus Magna will have to adjust to dealing with non-protodermis elements: "Yes, they will. But when you think about it, there is a not vast difference in the properties of water and liquid proto, or stone and rock proto, and fire and air are the same. So it is not a major task to master this." [source]
• Toa produce the protodermis version of an element when they use their power to create it. On the other hand, Glatorian with elemental powers create the regular, non-protodermis version. The Element Lords cannot control the protodermis forms of their elements, although Greg would not rule out the possibility that they could learn to do so, though they are unlikely ever to encounter protodermis. [source]
• The energy for the Glatorian's elemental powers comes from their bodies. [source]
• On the difference between elemental energy in Toa and in Glatorian: "I can't see it being the same type of energy, as these [Glatorian] are organic beings and not primarily mechanical ones." [source]

• On the presence of light and shadow energy in non-biomechanical beings on Spherus Magna: "It was not stated originally in reference to Spherus Magna, but it does apply -- all intelligent beings have good and evil in them. The difference is that Matoran Universe characters can, in some cases, access this to use as a power. Spherus Magnans cannot." In Rahi: "Some do, most do not. Animals, as a whole, are not good or evil." [source]
• Were for example Tahu drained of all shadow energy, he would most likely become a Toa of Light but would lose his ability to control fire. [source]
• On the reason why Miserix also expelled all the light out of his system like the other Makuta: "Miserix banished his light because his enemies had done so, and in his mind, that gave them an edge if they met again. They would not be held back by any shred of morality or conscience. So he saw it as in his interest to do the same thing." [source]

• The Barraki have now most likely replaced their weapons since their mutation was reversed. Mantax no longer has his pincers, Pridak's teeth are no longer strong enough to pierce protosteel, and Kalmah no longer has his tentacle. [source] [source] [source]
• Greg doubts that the other Barraki still accept Pridak's leadership, since he failed to deliver triumph and glory as he promised. [source]
• The Barraki are probably thrilled that their mutations were undone. [source]
• None of the Barraki's species have a particularly low population; they are just as common as any other species of the Matoran universe. [source]

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LOL Pridak. It's like he tries to take a bite out of someone's armor during a fight, and then CRUNCH, all of his teeth fall out in a comical scene. :P

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