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Sketches From The Waiting Room..>>

Taka Nuvia


Today my mum and I went to see a dermatologist. Why? I have a mole (birth mark? couldn't find the right translation, sry) in my navel. A quite big one. We just wanted to know whether it's okay.

So we went there... and had to wait. And wait. And wait even longer.


Part I


What's there to see (from left to right):

One of the chairs, a scared Taka Nuvia chibi, a house with a tree

Gun man(Gav that's the sketch I told you 'bout in pm), something that was supposed to be a moose, and stuff


I had looots of time ><


Part II speaks for itself


We had to wait for 2 hours (or longer?!) until the doctor had time for us. We got to the conclusion that it should be removed, since the navel is a place where you can't really see whether the mole gets bigger or dangerous.


So we had to make an appointment for the surgery. Another room, another waiting. (Did I mention that we were at some kind of huge hospital? They had everything there)

But FINALLY something happened.


So on June 28th I'll have the surgery, and then it will all be over (hopefully) -.-


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Ugh, I know the pain of waiting at a Doctors office, Trust me. I had 8 hours of a great day robbed from me by one. ;.;


Btw, Good luck Taka. :)

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Argh, Surgery...


Sketch One: Aw..lil scared Taka, looks cute actually.

Yay moose! Yay lil' house and mushrooms! Yay awesome looking Gun Man!


And yeah, waiting for the doctor at a hospital can be a pain, specially if something needs to be looked at right then, and right now.


But I hope the surgery goes well, Taka.

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For a moment there, I thought you drew people while waiting but that's just my life drawing course cluttering up my mind. I had a hospital visit today too, it is a pain to wait but at least you found out the news the same day. Good luck with the surgery!

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The best of luck for your surgery. May your navel heal perfectly.


Also, by giving that link, you revealed what area you live in, something that you once edited a post to avoid. Just a notification. ;)



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Riiiight... thanks for reminding me *edits*


I really don´t hope it´s annoying you that I remind you of such stuff. If it is so, just say it, and obviously I´ll stop. =I

I´m saying this because your Riiiight could be either thankful or sarcastic, and I honestly find it hard to tell which it is. :(


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It was a thankful one. :(


I seriously don't find it annoying. In fact, I am glad that you keep reminding me of things like that - things that I'd forget otherwise. =J



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