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A Real Life Update



Alright, this might get lengthy. I realized I haven't updated this in a while, because of most of what I am about to describe.


Firstly, we finally got everyone in my little group of friends to get AIM, so now we have some baller group chats almost every night. That feels good man.


So yeah my little group of friends have grow tighter and tighter and now we are always awesomeface. It's nice to have friends you can rely on to do almost anything. So yeah we've been doing a lot of stuff recently, and since none of us can drive, we walk everywhere. It feels really good when you realized you walked 15 miles in one weekend when you never set out to do that or anything.

But we've started to run out of ideas. I think this World Cup will give us something to plan for, but we need something else and we can't find it.


Also Neutral's escape the room games are amazing. Vision, the hardest one, is by far the best. The others are more codes, this one just flows. I found it easier than the other ones oddly enough. So yeah play dem games.


And uh, you probably heard a lot about this girl, Sarah, from before. Yeah she's done away with. She started really dating that other bro and so my group realized how shallow she is (not just the dating other bro thing, much more (I'm not THAT shallow)) so we've kinda shunned both of those two people away. Certainly feels good for me, except for that the three of us are in the same instrument section.... that's kinda awkward, but at least I focus on my instrument now.


So yeah I had a really depressed period of time. That sucked.


But now, I've rejuvenated. And I would say better than ever. I am getting good grades, and social life is good, and I've been playing Windwaker, Galaxy, and MW2 a lot recently. Oh and music is just as awesome, if not better. Foxy Shazam <3


The main point of this update probably is this though, and if you want to skip messy relationship stufffs, skip this:

So I used to adore this girl for the longest of times. Not really adore, but she always interested me and I always felt we matched quite a bit. I don't think I even told Laka about this. So yeah, I was never really around her though, not even in the same class, and that combined with my shy personality just would never make it happen.

But then my French teacher sat us next to each other. Nothing really started at first, but then this week she just started talking to me a lot more. I guess you could call some of it flirting.... huuuurrrrr.... At first I was pretty caught off guard so I was kinda awkward with it, but she continued, and now its just like we finally made that connection to each other. Awesomely enough some of my favorite bands are hers too and things like that have just clicked. Today she recommended The Morning Benders older stuff, which I didn't have before, and I like it, so yep haha.


the problem is she has a boyfriend lolololol


So I don't really understand her logic. They are like the cutest thing ever, and it doesn't look like they would break up anytime soon..... He is however graduating this year, but I mean those relationships work sometimes. I dunno, but she flirts with me a lot, and to me, I never really saw her as a shallow girl. And yeah I definitely don't want to be played again, so I'll be looking out.


But she's still pretty awesome, and I'm happy right now.




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What? Stuff you haven't told me? Nuuuuuuuu


Oh well.


Yay, you're happy, brah. ^__^


Wait what happened to that MOC?


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