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Farshtey Feed (p317-318)



Friday, June 18, 2010

• The Great Beings did not live in Roxtus prior to the Skrall. [source]
• Greg doubts that all 42 types of Rahkshi participated in the invasion of Bara Magna. [source]
• Since the Toa Mahri did not bring any Cordak blasters with them to their mission on Zakaz, Kongu is carrying a different weapon, since the Toa had plenty of access to weapons before they left Metru Nui. [source]


• Takanuva has returned to his gold coloration. [source]
• It is likely that the Dark Hunters will remain active on Spherus Magna. [source]
• The Shadowed One's disappearance is related to the broken vials of virus he was keeping. [source]
• Conjurer still has not wakened from his coma which resulted from trying to absorb a Makuta's power. [source]
• On Miserix potentially trying to start the Brotherhood of Makuta anew: "I do not expect him to try to rebuild the Brotherhood, because at this point he has no access to antidermis. He's nowhere near the Mata Nui robot and I doubt the Toa will be rushing to salvage antidermis from the wreckage." [source]

• When it is said that the Matoran worked in the dark during their time constructing the Mata Nui robot, this mainly refers to the fact that the Matoran had no idea what they were making rather than that they literally worked in darkness. [source]
• On Mata Nui's survey of life in the galaxy and whether the Great Beings had anything to do with life on other worlds: "There were certainly planets with life forms, but most likely not like the Matoran, and we do not know if they were organic life like the Agori and Glatorian. Since the Great Beings are not gods, and did not create the Agori or Glatorian, it is also the case that they did not create life on any other worlds." [source]
• Those prisoners who are still trapped in the Pit inside the Matoran universe, such as Roodaka and Karzahni, will need to be rescued from the outside in order to survive. [source]


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