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I Cannot Decide Upon Lower Arms At All



Remember this?



Well I finally made a good lower arm design and have perfected the rest, but I have one query. What should his hands be? Guns? Whips? Plain old hands? I cannot decide for my life.


also finally got new shoes for the first time in about a year


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Hands should be elongated to support the rest of the body on their own, making knee-cannons THAT MUCH AWESOMER B)
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Whips with hands on the end. Or a hand with whippy fingers, like Lady Deathstrike.
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@Ghostie well they aren't cannons, but kk


@Arpy I like the whip like fingers idea, and that would make holding weapons easier too. Sounds like a plan eh?

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Blades-for-arms to match the thin aesthetic, and tentacles on the back just to look cool.


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That is actually more likely now that I've tried to make whip like fingers etc.



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