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Droid Incredible



A bit back, my mom suddenly decide my family would receive Middle School graduation gifts, and so, my sister got a new iPod Touch. Very suddenly.


So what did I get? Nothing but the promise that IF the iPhone came to Verizon, I would get it. But I mean it never will for a good year at least, and if it does, I probably would have gotten it anyway with my own upgrade. Not gonna lie I felt pretty cheaped.


Today though, I found out my sisters phone is sputtering dead after her friend pushed her into the pool. So now we need another phone for her. Thankfully we had an NE2 update to use but since my sister just got her new Touch, my mom decide I would get the update on the phone, and she would get my old phone. And of course because this is Verizon, almost every good phone needs a data plan. So it was decided I could get a more expensive smart phone as my belated graduation gift. So it is looking like I will be getting the Droid Incredible soon, maybe even tomorrow. eeeeeeee :3


I'm very much looking forward to see what Android has to offer. And of course just getting a new phone. eeeeeeeeeee


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It's not like I just told you about that phone last night. hehe.png


Oh you.


and yes the name is very apt. hehe

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Incredible is nice


Basically a Nexus One without the prompt updating, due to HTC's sense UI. I'm not sure what the custom ROM scene is like, but its a pretty popular phone (based on the amount I saw this week compared to iphone 4s and reg droids). So hopefully you can root and get crazy stuff.


Also android is awesome, and I'm an encyclopedic compendium of smartphone knowledge


In fact I am going to pester you nonstop, hehe~

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and I think you can root, but I'm not sure, I've been mixing all my knowledge up. That may have been the Evo now that I think about it.

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