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Capitalization And Punctuation

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Are they, like, uncool or something now? o_O Because their absence is becoming more and more prevalent among members... especially when it comes to periods.




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Don't think so. I may accidentally forget to capitalize something as I type so fast, and I do leave off stuff for emotes at times, but it's not uncool or anything.


But I do see what you mean. =P

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I'm a little OCD about having periods at the end of my sentences. But when I end a sentence with an emoticon my mind goes haywire as I try to figure out where the period belongs. :P (or is it: where the period belongs :P. )

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usually the only things I leave out are capitalization at the beginning of a sentence (unless it's a proper noun or I, or if I'm posting something long and serious) or the occasional period at the end of a sentence.
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most of what i see is people not using capital letters in their posts like this.

It bugs me after a while. Even if the post is well-written, it still makes it somewhat more difficult to read.

Can't really say I've seen less periods. =\



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I do the opposite. Sometimes I add too many capitals.

But the absence of proper grammar is disturbing. People should read more. Books are excellent examples. (Plus, text-speak gets REALLY annoying as well.)

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people need to use proper grammar more grammar needs some appreciation guys come on ;__;


Aside from that [horrid] example, I've gotten really used to typing quickly while using correct grammar and capitalization, and I don't find it difficult at all. I barely even think about it.

If people just tried it out, the world would be a better place for the English language. :)

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Periods are actually virus-carrying ticks that are generated when you type them


This virus makes people post biased opinions on the internet




(This post is not targeted any anyone in particular, btw. : p)

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I'm usually lax about grammar in blogs because as a whole they're a lot more informal

but in posts I definitely make sure my grammar is great

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When I use emoticons at the end of sentences, I don't use a full stop, or period as Americans know them as (And I used to think that they were commas >.< (,)).

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:kaukau:BZP is unusually good about grammar. I don't have as much of a problem with those small errors though as I do with weird symbols like o_O.


Your Honor,

Emperor Kraggh

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Wait. Do you mean that good grammar actually was a majority on BZP??? O.o





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