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Farshtey Feed (p319-323)



Saturday, July 17, 2010

• The beings who captured Sahmad are not of a species we have met before. Greg doubts that they are the former occupants of Roxtus. [source]
• The gold-colored fusion created on Zakaz gives himself his own name. [source]
• On the new Toa team serial: "If I feel six new Toa characters is going to mean not enough time in the story to get to know any of them, then I will do less than six." [source]
• On why Orde, being a Toa of Psionics, is male instead of female: "Ah, the answer to that one is going to get interesting." "[it's n]ot a typo. Keep reading, it's part of a mystery." "The reason for a male Psionics Toa in what has been said up to now to be an all-female tribe gets revealed later." [source] [source] source]
• As many Toa of Water as can be spared are moving equipment from Metru Nui. [source]
• On how Angonce feels about Marendar's escape: "He is not happy about him being loose, it's more senseless slaughter in a planet that has already seen too much of it." [source]
• On how Orde, Chiara, and Zaria were chosen for their mission despite getting along poorly with each other: "I think they were chosen because they are rule-breakers by nature, and the feeling is that is what's needed for this mission." [source]
• Onua calls Tahu "Tahu Nuva" out of habit. [source]
• Greg sees Chiara's personality as individual from those typical of other Toa of Lightning, not necessarily representative of her whole tribe. Moreover, he does not think every Toa of Lighting would have the same personality. [source] [source]
• The Toa Nuva's history, especially as leaders of the resistance against Teridax, tends to compel more junior Toa to answer them. [source]
• Zaria originates from a Toa team of his own, although this is not from where he knew his Toa of Iron colleagues. [source]
• On why the Great Beings chose to prepare a contingency for killing loose Toa rather than loose Makuta: "f the Makuta hadn't betrayed Mata Nui, things would have gone as they were supposed to -- the planet would have been reformed, Mata Nui would have shut down, and the Toa, Makuta etc. would have all shut down too. So the Makuta wouldn't be a threat to anyone." [source]


• When Artakha and Karzahni contested for the Mask of Creation, they physically fought each other. [source]
• Greg believes that the Toa of Jovan's team transformed into Turaga at different times after they completed their mission to save Mata Nui. [source]
• When the Shadowed One used to do business with the Brotherhood of Makuta, protocol would demand that he meet in person with Teridax, but he could send a messenger such as Ancient if he were dealing with a lesser Makuta. [source]
• The genocide of Toa of Iron began covertly not long before the events of Legends of Metru Nui, and overtly after the events of Legends of Metru Nui. [source]
• Greg considered the Mutran Chronicles to represent Mutran's journal. [source]
• If Mata Nui's mission had run without incident and the entire system shut down, the Great Beings planned to dismantle most likely for use in other projects. [source]

• On whether Toa of Gravity can create black holes: "Most likely, yes, but that would be something he would be doing by going nova. It's probably not part of his standard powers, simply because it is so dangerous." "It wouldn't be something he would do normally, because for one thing, he would be sucked into it too." [source] [source]
• On the idea of Fe-Matoran having different colorations depending on region, like Po-Matoran, and also having rusting effects: "I don't have a big problem with that, but I don't think rusting is a good idea. If these are Matoran of Metal, they would put a premium on repairing any damage to their armor. They wouldn't walk around in damaged armor, anymore than a tailor walks around with a hole in his shirt." [source]
• The Mask of Mutation can undo the effects of Hordika venom, Makuta viruses, and Roodaka's Rhotuka, but not energized protodermis. The mask can also give beings new powers. [source]
• Johmak most likely wears a helmet rather than a Kanohi. [source]
• Toa Varian is still on Odina. [source]
• With the energy storms in the Matoran universe robot ceased, the lightsones in the robot will stop shining. [source]
• None of the Barraki are Skakdi. [source]
• On whether any of the Barraki come from species we already are familiar with: "I don't believe so, no. My vision of them was that they were species we had not seen before." [source]
• The Ta-Koro/Ta-Metru Guard is probably still active. [source]

• On why the Glatorian were not surprised that Mata Nui knew of the Great Beings: "They were certainly 'famous' on Spherus Magna, so it stands to reason the residents of SM might have believed their fame extended off-planet. After all, the Agori and Glatorian have no idea if the GBs projects might have involved other worlds as well." [source]
• Greg would say that Malum is older than Strakk. [source]

• On the list of approved names: "I wound up with 23 approved names. Only lost two off the list, and one I got an okay with a caveat." "They are all I am going to have probably for the rest of BIONICLE, so I need to be a little judicious with them. And I may not need a name for the new Toa team -- it is a team that is going to be formed on Spherus Magna, so they have no real need for a naming convention. The whole 'we're the Toa (blank) team' was meant to differentiate teams, but since most Toa will be working with Glatorian now, there won't be other active just-Toa teams for the most part." [source] [source]


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