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White Quartz Mountains And Oh Dear




Well, remember that whole thing with that scribble picture being easy to do, not time consuming, and decent looking?
I discovered almost directly after that completely by accident how to create zomg-amazing looking pictures in a fairly non-time consuming manner, as evidenced by these partially painted mountains. They don't have color yet, but that's because in this style I add color later.

But now I have a dilemma. I already started painting Alarist using my old painting style (color first, shading later) and suddenly I really am not sure I want to continue doing so, because this way is easier (even though I technically have to paint the picture twice). And it's not just easier because of the whole color thing, it's easier because of several steps that become completely unnecessary in the new style. But it's already partially painted... I really cannot decide. Ah well. *ponders the great thoughts*

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