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Old Cartoons



We're babysitting my little cousin right now, and she's watching some old cartoons.


They are giving me the heebie jeebies.


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A variety of REALLY old ones. Some black and white, some color, all awful.

for some reason i get creeped out at black & white cartoons

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I don't even know.


There was one Bugs ans Elmer, but it wasn't like the ones I'm familiar with. Must have been one of the early ones.


There was a Mighty Mouse one... a "Black Sheep".... some others that didn't seem to be part of a series... one was Daffy versus Hitler and a bunch of Nazis... weird stuff.


I guess I just don't get the old style humor.

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I LOVE the one with Daffy and Hitler. Don't diss. >:(



Don't think I've seen that one. I've seen Bugs/Hitler before, though.

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Wasn't there also a cartoon with Donald Duck and Nazis? :P


Any old stuff from when television was young is weird. I had a tape of Christmas TV shows from around that period once. Absolutely crazy stuff.

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