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A Poemy Thing

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Long, long ago, in a happy little town

There was a happy street with a happy little house

And in that house's lawn there was a bunch of ground

And above all that ground was some sky and clouds


But these clouds were unusual; they loved to dance and sing

And nibble people's rooftops and steal shoelace strings

And change the rhyming pattern for poor members' rhymes

So the writer had to work harder to think up the next line


So the writer grabbed a skillet and left the happy house

Shook her fist up at the sky and shouted to those clouds


"You think you'll ruin my rhyme, you puffs!?

You precipitation and rainy stuff!?

I'll change it myself, to show you guys!"

And she hurled her skillet at the sky

Then, grumbling, went back inside

And changed the pattern of her rhyme


"Her rhyme! Her rhyme!"

The clouds all cried

"She changed it without us!?"

They grew so miffed

They howled and hissed

Then, suddenly, blew up


So now the clouds are gone at last

Sure, maybe it never rains

And maybe the lawn's full of dying grass

And the neighbors are back again

And people are pounding on my door

Waving pitchforks and sharpish things

Shouting, "What did you do that for!?"

My petunias! My garden! My weeds!"

And everytime I step outside

They throw vegetables at me

But at least shoelaces are safe again

And my poem is cloud-free!








Recommended Comments

That was...interesting. Actually very well-written. :P Rhyming is easy - making a story in a poem is hard. Everything I ever write is just kind of ideas about a subject. I like doing that personally (works for writing songs), but it really takes a lot of skill to write a poem like that. :P
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