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Colorful Dooodles!

Taka Nuvia


..or scribbles. Whatever term you prefer. ^^


Oh my. I'd left my sketchbook at home, and all blank paper I had with me was with such a weird blue border - but hey, I had blank paper. And colourful fineliners. And a pencil. And too much time.


Originally I'd wanted to make a little comic about something that happened today, but I didn't feel 'right' enough for it. D'you know that feeling? when you really want to do something, but you know that it won'T work?


Aaaanways, I came up with this:




... weirdly enough, I'm happy right now after writing a 600-words text for German class. ^_^

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Those are great! 'Specially since, as your pencil-drawn doodle points out, there´s so many that went well and so few that didn´t (which I find strange for something done with an uneraseable marker).

From the unfinished panel I can tell, though, that it´s actually going to be the day the morning promises it to be, right? Or, at least your Alter Ego might´ve expected otherwise?

Also, so many happy people! Yay! :happydance:


Why not? I´d definitely be happier after doing my homework than before. ;)



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