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The Experiment Discussion Entry

Kevin Owens




It's a drawn Choose Your Own Adventure game. I run it. It's fun. You should play!


You should also discuss it here in order to prevent the main topic from cluttering up!


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Note - Parry is a verb, used in sword-fighting, essentially meaning to counter. In that context, your name, PtP, is awesome.


Now, onto the game, it's interesting, though there has been a disappointing lack of FLYING WIZARD KICKS.

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Alternatively, they became the zombie maids Gato always talks about.


Also, if we ever meet a guy with the Ace of Spades on his chest, RUN. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE AND DO NOT LOOK BACK.


EDIT: By the way, how do you all feel about setting the dummy on fire? I'm concerned it might be at the heart of all this.



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"But I must kill the eldritch deity," she shouted.


The stone said, "No Marie you are the eldritch deity."


And then Marie was a zombie maid.

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Ok, I noticed something I consider odd.


All of the previousl experiments had even-numbered heights.....


Yeah...most likely pointless...but still....



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Got the "Creepyfied" frame of them most recent "Dummy room" picture.


Theory for the pics from kitchen:

From the way everything was written down, the guy in charge of this was experimenting with raising the dead.

After all, "4ccs"? Seems to be some sort of injection or dosage of something, possible the black or red liquids.

Perhaps Marie is the first successful a attempt at revitalization. Perhaps the spirit of Lolth needs a dead (soulless)

body to posses, but cannot revitalize it, needing outside assistance?


Also, as to these "Artifacts" mentioned throughout the game. Could they be some tie to "Lolth" whoever that is?

Because the artifacts may have been one of two things in my theory:

1. Something made to hold Lolth, built many years ago to keep Lolth from escaping, or

2. A "Time capsule" for Lolth made by followers, either linking Lolth to our dimension, or keeping him

safe 'til all knowledge of him died out. Either way, it would explain why that one artifact was in such good

condition; Either made to last to hold Lolth back, or made to last to keep him/her/it safe.

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Dummy is Lloth

Needs BLACK STONE to pocess Marie

He went to get it after we came though the 1st time

But someone got in the way and shot Lloth (then got away or consumed)

So when we came thru the 1nd time with the STONE Lloth was WEAK

But every time since then when we've gone thru Lloth has been consuming us (Fizzels)

(And Lloth cleaded up the Blood, he's a Clean freak)




PS: We need to drop the black stone. if this is true

The Flip i think is more symbolic then anything.

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Well there are a lot of options right now...alternate universe, cloning, twins, psychosis... I'm not really going to make a decision until I have more evidence.



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Huh... Can't say what the stone is, but I agree with it being bad...

Not her eye... Has Marie checked Ruby's other limbs for items yet? I can't remember.

And why does the kitchen have life-giving antidote information stuff,

when the Lloth can posses people? Wouldn't the Lloth just posses, and if it can, why the revitalizing injections?

And what the heck was in that bathtub. Seriously.

Razorblade mud? Gotta be something else than we think...

Mabye the stuff used to bring people back to life?

And I just thought of a theory.


The Lloth is the dummy's default body. (Where it's "Stored" while not in Marie)

Marie is where the Lloth was now. (Fizzle proves it, the switching places thing. Marie is hung, dummy is walking)

When the fizzles happen, Marie is trying to take back her body, showing Marie's spirit entering the body for a split second.

the chest wound and missing eye were when the person shot Marie (In the dummy (Dunno why) )

And the injections are what must be given to the body to allow Lloth to posses it.

Mabye it cools down the body, or something.

AND Marie is probably the girl who killed herself by hanging, explaining why the Lloth thing is up there now.

Just changed her name because of the amnesia thing.


So anyway, something weird just happened.

I added Lloth to the dictionary (Gonna be typing it alot) and Marie was also added.

The computer thinks they are the SAME PERSON ASDFGHJKL

Edit: WOW MY GOD WALL OF TEXT sorry about that, it was an accident.
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The fizzly pics look like bad TV signal...


I personally lean towards the theory that Marie is trapped in a computer simulation (which doubles as a life support system, considering Marie is badly wounded in "reality") explaining the voice being transmitted to her head, the fizzles (bad connection) and the garbled warning messages that got .:ENCRYPTION:. banned for a day. Lloth would be the administrator of this system, and the titular experiment would be one of transferring a near-dead person into a virtual reality to preserve their consciousness.


I'll have to review the various pieces of evidence, though. Fizzly pics, journal entries, the like.

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