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Validating Members

Black Six


Most of the people who will be reading this are most likely good, honest members who never would consider making a dupe account. So maybe you'll find this interesting. As the Administrator that handles all the Awaiting Authorization members, you'd be amazed at how many people there are that try to make duplicate accounts. I won't tell you how we find them, but we do, and they usually stick out like a sore thumb. Then there are the ones that blatantly try to bypass our language policy. And the ones with fake e-mail addresses so they can register multiple accounts. I probably go through at least five to ten of them each day, every day. It's kind of sad really. They just never learn...


And there you have it, a little behind the scenes peek of part of what goes on in BZPower.


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Lol, I know that feeling. I've been an admin on a couple small forums and people trying to make dupe accounts make it very obvious.
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Boy, I learn something every day :P. Didn't know that there were that many people who tried to make multiple accounts. I almost find ti common sense not to do something like that...Guess there are a lot of things you can access being an admin and all.



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There's something new. Must be really tiresome. I really see why people always do pointless things.

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I was lucky to be an Admin of a large board that had very few spammers, so validating members was usually a few clicks. But for BZP, a larger board, it must me a pain.


From an Admin to an Admin... I feel your pain. :P

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Sounds like a joy. Have fun with that. :P

He should, he's an Admin :P . The Admins need some time in the days, just to sit back and destroy all duplicate and dupe accounts :pirate: . Of course, who knows what else they do while we aren't here :fear: .

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Lol, I own a Forum myself, I know how fun it is to delete bad accounts. ^_^


I don't see the point in making a dupe account unless your old one had problems, Like Omi's old one. I don't see the point at all. Unless they forget they have an account, and find BZP again... :shrugs:


And sometimes people use It to cheat in BBC Contests. -_-


Good luck with trying to stop the Dupe accounts, Admins. ^_^

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