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July Improvisation

Toa Achilles (Tums)



This blog is pure improvisation. Everything I put in this entry is utterly and completely improv. I'm not even spell-chekcing it! Who cares? It's just a blog! Improvi-blog. The blog with no scripts. Whose Blog is it anyway? The game where proto don't matter. What's the matter? Everything's the matter. Absolutely everything's made of matter. Except energy. I'm bubbling with energy. I'm hyper aren't I? I'm also probably hyperventilating. Did you know Vahki breathe too? This means they must have lungs or something, which means they’re not completely robotic. Unless they just have an air-conditioning system or something. Air conditioning is a wonderful invention, but I still like rolling down windows instead. Windows! Windows95! Windows98! Window sounds like Windu. Windus98! Purple light-sabers are awesome, because there's only one in the universe. I want it. Do you think it's on EBay? I auctioned off my leg on EBay so I could buy Sidorak. He's the king of the Visorak, but he doesn't wear a crown or anything. Do you think he has one, but just doesn't wear it? It probably came from Burger King. Their fries are better than McDonalds if you ask me. I like sticking them in my braces. Braces rule! They conduct electricity! Electricity was a cooler invention than air conditioning; unless you mean 'cool' as in air conditioners 'cool' you off. I'm not cool, I'm nerdy. Nerds p0wn! P0wn could be considered a 'leet' word, and I could be banned from BZP. But then I wouldn't be able to do these kinds of blogs. This blog is pure improvisation you know!





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*applauds* SCORE ONE FOR IMPROVISATION!! Haha! Fun! :lol:


I found Windu's lightsaber on ebay! I'm not going to post a link, though, because the auction will probably be over and you'll just get this "page error" thing on your screen.




Edit: Am I the only one who's head didn't explode from reading that?... Maybe it's because I used to live in Wonderland. Everybody talks like that in Wonderland...

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