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A Discussion About The Piraka...

I think I'll fill up an entry all about my feelings on the Piraka...   They were some of the oddest Bionicle characters yet, in my opinion (in case you need a warning, all of the following is my opinion). They have odd light up eyes, glow in the dark teeth, and spines. I really didn't need any of that... but I'm a sucker and I was determined to buy some anyway. I bought based off the weapons, and I only planned to get two or three. After I got Thok, Reidak, and Zaktan, there was a sale (buy




First Entry

Yay For Me.   Egads, I'd never thought I'd ever write a blog. I've looked down upon this kind of activity on pretty much every other website. It's not a bad thing, I just don't find any interest in it. But if BZP has taken it on, then it must be good, right?   Anyway, here's a blog. What do I write? A history about myself? Maybe? I guess I can just comment on stories and artwork I'm working on or whatever.   Or how about a history. I was a kid. Male (incase you still didn't know).



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