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Half An Update

it's my birthday today....   yep... 20 years old....   I am not quite sure what to make of it today.   Have some cake   Job is great, hands not so great... have an old Valvo to drive around... been driveing other people around a lot.   sorry for the half energy post but I'm pretty tired and I have to look peppy for work.   Blessings   K~LL

Kallista ~ Little light

Kallista ~ Little light


Long Awaited Update Perheps?

News to all who actually read this stuff. I am not dead I have just been ridiculously busy.   On the good note right now...I got a new Job as a receptionist at a fancy Gym which means more money no lifting and a free membership to the gym. It's got a 2 lain pool, hot tub, sauna, and steam-room as well as all the regular equipment   I can't wait to get fully fit again! On the not so cool side my shift is 4:30am-12:30pm and it takes me 1 hour to drive to work. But it's ok because it's on a

Kallista ~ Little light

Kallista ~ Little light


My Sister Is An Africa Missonary ^^

WARNING: Extreem moment of a Bragging sister on her little sister because she is so proud of her.   I Love my Sister Gracey. for the past 16 days she has been in Uganda with a team from our church helping our sister church, 3 childrens homes and going out into the neberhood helping out families. As much as I miss her and want her home I couldn't be more proud of her. here is a post she made on her trip blog...   Isn't that TOO COOL ^^ I obviosly took the names out/changed them for securi

Just Enough Time To Say

I love My boyfriend Resev. He is amazing. He knows my heart and how to care for it. He listens to me and holds me in high regards. When he says he will not do something that offends me or hurts me he really means it. He keeps his promises and is actively dedicated to them.   When I'm down, worried, or hurt he will drop everything and pick me up, reassure, and heal me.   I am unworthy of his love and yet it is mine. I love him and I shall do everything I can to better myself and serve him

Myths And Ledgends About Working In Retail

Ok first off being a teller on self scan isn't easy. You got 6 going at once and every one of them has an attitude. And I'm not talking about the customers.   Now people, if you have maybe 4 items going through the self scan is fine and fast. if you have a cart full of things maybe adding up to about $40-$90 it will be way to difficult and long.   First off it's a stinking computer! It can't see! It has no idea what you are doing and why you are not putting things in the proper place or why t

Future Of My Art?

So from the last updates of my art on another site you may or maynot know I did a few art peices for a movie a friend of mine was makeing.   so it turns out there was a professer who has connections interested in seeing my work. I gladly made up a small portfolio for him. And he said he had a potential cliant for me. I hadn't heard back from him yet but it got me wondering if I indeed could sell my work. Maybe not on here but in general.   it's just an idea so I'm only thinking.   Anywho, w

Oh.... Renovations

To prepare for my move into my Sister's place we need to make a few adjustmants to create a room for me and my stuff. So My Dad offered to assist in makeing a door way and moveing 2 walls to give me some more room as well as put in some new flooring.   I can't wait to get to repainting my half of the place and putting my mirrors up!   I wonder what color sceam I should do... Any sudjestions?   K~LL

Oh Happy Day!

Tim Hughes  "Happy Day"     Verse 1: The greatest day in history, Death is beaten You have rescued me Sing it out Jesus is alive The empty cross, The empty grave Life eternal You have won the day Shout it out Jesus is alive He's alive   Chorus: Oh happy day, happy day You washed my sin away Oh happy day, happy day I'll never be the same Forever I am changed   Verse 2: When I stand, in that place Free at last, meeting face to face I am Yours Jesus You are mine Endless joy, per

Moveing On In!

With my older sister at her new place ^^ I'll be a little closer to work with a little more freedom ^^   tis about time I was feeling like an old maid for a while.   K~LL

April Fools Day?

Ok. yesterday was sunny, clear blue sky, and a little windy... this morning I woke up and it's snowing.   Uhhhhhh.... I think the weather decided to play a trick on us for april fools day.   K~LL

My Legs Are Falling Off

Picture day and half dressrehersal for my recitle for next week.   I am blooming sore. Been at the church for 8+ hours danceing running around and practicing.   ... I hurt.....   K~LL

I Was Wrong.

"Who I Am Hates Who I've Been"  I watched the proverbial sunrise Coming up over the Pacific and You might think I'm losing my mind, But I will shy away from the specifics...   'cause I don't want you to know where I am 'cause then you'll see my heart In the saddest state it's ever been.   This is no place to try and live my life.   Stop right there. That's exactly where I lost it. See that line. Well I never should have crossed it. Stop right there. Well I never should have said That


The 2 weeks before my trip is going to be so busy I won't be able to check here mush at all.   When On my trip I will try to post a photo or two for you guys. but I can't make any promises.   *hugs you all*   I'll miss you. OMG I can't believe I'm going on this trip!!!! K~LL

The Lights, The Camera, The Sewing Machine?

So it turns out a buddy of mine has a friend who is making a movie teaser for school (and a contest that could lead to making a full length feature). And my buddy is doing wardrobe and needs assistance. So she asked me to help ^^ I am so excited for this. The original story is set in Roman times with a few Roman Gods added in.   I get to make Winged shoes for Mercury with real white leather and feathers! They even get a close up in the movie   I am quite excited about revisiting the biz of

Kallista ~ Little light

Kallista ~ Little light


Excited For Spring

Spring break I get to go on a special trip with my mom ^^   A bus trip I'm so excited!!!!     Also V. day is comeing up... what are you guys planning for it?   K~LL

Kallista ~ Little light

Kallista ~ Little light

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