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Inferna Firesword




There are a few things I will flat-out refuse to do. Avoid at all costs:

  • any rubbery pieces (i.e. Inika masks, Skakdi heads, etc)
  • Launchers/Launcher ammo
  • Ehlek claw (tried already. Epic fail)
Now that the list of doomed items is done … on with the rest!



  • Bronze
    • White(resembles silver)
    • Yellow (resembles gold)
    • Ancient (resembles copper)
  • Silver (limited supplies)
Kanohi/Other Set Pieces


I only do these in bronze; please specify if you want yellow, ancient, or white bronze in your piece. If I don’t have a certain piece in my possession (mostly referring to masks), you’ll need it sent to me on the condition that you won’t be getting the plastic version back. (If you do want it back, it’ll cost more since I need to make a mold.)


Price Range: $10-17




Put in their own separate section since they take more time (bendy silver pieces don’t burn out very well), I can do these in bronze and possibly glass. (Please specify what coloration you would like for either: yellow, white, and ancient for bronze, and the variations for glass.) Again, if I don’t have the piece, you’ll have to mail it to me, but chances are you’ll get that one back.


Price Range: $20-25




I only do these in white bronze, since it’s too expensive for me and Mark to make silver ones. I have a set selection of things you can stick on top; the list will expand as I make more molds for them. I’ll need a ring size for this, so PM with your size when you send in the info; if you don’t know, I’ll tell you how to find out.


Decorative Pieces: Nuparu Inika claw, Gahlok shield, Kohrak-Kal shield, Tahnok shield


Price Range: $25-35




Give me ideas, and I can probably try and make them reality; I’m already at work on molds for glass Nuva Symbols. This area can extend beyond Bionicle, but try to make them realistic.


Price Range: ? (it all depends on the piece)




I will only take three commissions in a certain period, since I have other personal projects I’m working on at the same time. The sign-up works on the basis of ‘First come, first served’ – no reserving spots for yourself; if you didn’t make it on, wait until the next commission session.


If you make it on the list, PM what you want done, along with the details. I’ll keep you in the know as I work on it, and once I think it’s ready, I’ll send a picture or two of it. If you agree, we’ll settle the price, and then we can send them along. I’ll cover the shipping; my mom’s Paypal will be the method of payment.


Thanks. =)



  1. DeeVee
  2. Potu
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I would very heartily adore a kakama done up in white bronze. I would actually adore two of them.

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I would very heartily adore a kakama done up in white bronze. I would actually adore two of them.

You're on the list; PM me so we can work out the details. =D

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I have that Komau ready for some yellow bronze still. :P


So yah, I'll try to get the details on PayPal worked out for this, becasue a REAL copper Komau (or bronze) would be cool.



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