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Happy Days!

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Inferna Firesword


It took longer than I anticipated, but BZP has returned! :hyper:


I'll be working on restoring my stories. I'll mostly focus on the epics that are still in progress, like Wings and Break of Day, and I'll link to my old library and old topics for all the rest, since I don't want to repost all of that when I've got a perfectly-good archive sitting around. :P


As for my sticking-around, well, that's up to debate. I've been spending more time on other forums during the upgrade, so if things don't work out here, I'll probably move there permenantly. Even if it does, I probably still will move there permenantly, probably after I finish Wings.


For the moment, though, I'm back. Welcome back to the forums, everyone. :)

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Recommended Comments

Welcome back.


You going to be restarting your Halloween epic? it's just in time for it. :P


...Oh no, I just realized that all your quotes lost their coding.... That means mine did as well. :o


...Going to have lots of recoding to do.

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