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Well, I'm Back

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Yes, I have returned. Let the celebrations commence!


So, I'm back from Mexico, and though I had a brilliant time, it feels great to be back home. Spring break is almost over, and I have a feeling I'm going to spend these last few days catching up on life, both online and off.


At the head of the line is SS#9: my story Redemption won third place! If that's not a good enough reason to go check it out, I don't know what is, so go read it! :P


But seriously, it's a huge honour to have won, especially when I was competing with so many talented writers. I think I was the wild card in this contest, seeing as most of my activity in the Library took place a rather long time ago, so my finishing third may have come as a bit of a surprise to some, including myself.


(and yes, that LoTR quote in the title was placed there for this reason)


On to another note, I haven't yet dared to dive into the fathoms of the BZPRPG and peruse the countless pages I'm sure I've missed. As always, drop me a PM if you're waiting on interaction with my characters, or if you want to interact. I'm always approachable (except when I'm hungry)!


Finally, it's nice to just sit back and relax after two weeks of hard work. Yes, work. That was how I spent my spring break. :P Tell me how you spent yours!

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