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More Figs!



Swung by TRU today to grab more minifigs (and I got the Friends Inventor's Workshop for my sister for her birthday).


I had already gotten the dark knight (pretty cool), a space marine (awesome!) and the rocker chick (pretty nifty).


Today I snagged 2 more space marines (I could have gotten 4, but I don't really need that many. Money is tight...), two of Neptune (anyone want to trade at BrickFair? I also have an extra genie and minotaur) who's bare chest might come in handy for figs, except I already used the one from the surfer dude (for a Finnick minifig) and don't know how many more I'll need, but they don't hurt; I also got the Aztec, finally! He is definitely one of the coolest figs in the set. The headdress is amazing. Very noble and warrior looking.


What I really want is a bagpiper for a friend, but he's so hard to feel for. Other than that I think I'm done.


-CF :kakama:


Recommended Comments

I had already gotten the dark knight


>Thought you meant there was a TDK minifig

>Was excited

>Found out you were talking about a literal dark knight

>Sadness ensued.




But nice, all those minifigs sound cool. I really need to buy some more LEGO sets some time...definitely will for the LOTR sets at some point haha.



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I almost bought the $5 Batboat polybag set, for a Batman fig, but I already have Batman.


Yes, I recommend buying sets and LEGO and whatnot to FUEL YOUR HOBBY!



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Indeed, but the space marines also have a big chunk in their bag (like the HAZMAT guys last year).

Which is fine, because I almost bought all the ones I could find.



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Yeah I had trouble finding a marine cause I bet somebody like you came in and picked most of em out. :P


Bagpiper is when you're feeling a piece and you have absolutely no clue what it could be because it's all jumbled with bars and everything and then you're like "Wait... bagpipe!"


(Also, feel for the hat, which has a distinct point on the top)



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