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Just because it is designed for girls doesn't mean only girls can wear it.


Trust me.


I'm an expert.

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but it's all cut different ;-;


isn't it? <<


'cuz if there's no difference other than size-shifting and labels then I might drop the money for the one I want << >>

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Girl clothing is made slightly slimmer and more room in the chest, yes, but I know they have different cuts and sizes as well.




(And all this is the result of one to many mall trips with my sister and mother. *hides in shame* )

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Welcome to my life. I'll be walking through a department store and walk past the multifarious sections for women and all I can think is all of this is so pretty why don't men's clothes come in these colors/patterns/etc


P.S. I miss you.

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I know, right? All the men's clothes always seem so dull and drab, at least in my most unprofessional of opinions. And all the women's clothes have all the neat little designs, a wider array colors and just more variety (a lot of which seems to fall into my tastes <<).


Although I always notice this whenever I'm in a gift shop, or browsing around online... I 'spose 'cuz I rarely ever go to department stores xP *the mall is like a hour drive away... and I have no car... or license... yet -- here's hoping I achieve both those things late September... a year and three months late*


P.S. I miss you too!

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