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The After-Fair

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Okay, this isn't a full detailed entry full of all my pictures. Oh no, this is but a bored "I did some stuff" with some pictures taken after the fact. Not big images either, so yeah. Actually I only have one more, it's of the stuff I bought (okay some of it, not all of it)




Just missing the Mines of Moria set and the Race for the Tesseract set (if that's what it's called...). Anyways, can't see it but Loki has a giant buster sword hidden behind lil' Takua, and the pink haired person is rocking out on a giant war axe. Funtimes.


I want more elves.


Because. Elves.

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THAT HAT. It makes me think of Carmen Sandiego at a gay pride parade, which is one of the best combinations of things that it is possible to have. When was that?

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We were at Party City (Ben, Sisen, Disky and I) and one of them found it and had me put it on, lol. I forget the day... I wanna say... Sunday, maybe? Could've been Saturday...


*Oh yeah, thanks Xae for that, I still owe you one ha

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