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I'm bored.

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... I need a project. Give me something to do.


... Anything EXCEPT SKINS (@BS01/HS01 Staff) Maybe something graphical, or even EM related. I dunno. I just want to do something on Friday since I'm not working.

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The last time I actually opened it up and played it was probably March or April.


Back before my laptop died and I got busy with more work.

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Text me! Lol just kidding, though you have my number so you could if you absolutely want to. :P


Build a cool LEGO MOC and send me pictures. :D

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Your materials are a chainsaw, a ceiling fan, two boat oars, a barrel, a chair, a bucket and three wheels. Construct a makeshift helicopter to escape from the wolves.


(If anyone gets what this is from, you win ten points XP)

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