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8 Figures of 8



Finally got some Series 8 minifigs today at TRU! How many? You guessed it, 8!


But half of those I'm giving away, so I actually got 4:

Two Alien queens, a businessman, and the diver.

The aliens are pretty awesome. I am pleasantly surprised at getting two pieces of fabric for the cape, and how the head/brain is two pieces with a minifig head inside. I'm experimenting to see what I can place the brain on that will look good. I also like getting 2 of every space figure.

The businessman is pretty much just for the black bowler hat so I can make an Inspector Spacetime minifig, but I'm having trouble finding the proper jacket. The new Monster Hunter Zombie chauffeur has a pretty good one, but it's ripped and whatnot.

The diver was just because it's awesome and different; another great idea from LEGO!


I also snagged the cowgirl for my sister, the thespian for my friend, the evil robot for my girlfriend, and the pirate for my brother (which my mom is putting into a Talk Like a Pirate Day care package to send to his dorm which will arrive by the 19th). I had no trouble finding any of these (or at least I assume--I haven't opened the three except for the fact that my sister opened her cowgirl).


Overall a nice pull this time around.


-CF :kakama:


Recommended Comments

Um... Google? Maybe some LEGO forum has a review?

It's just the way the fig is built for this and Alien Conquest. I thought it was a solid headpiece+trans-brain, but it's actually the hollow green head, a minifig head, and the brain which acts like a hat on top of the head.



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