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Reading The Two Towers, et al



A big thanks to everyone in the last entry about reading a book versus listening to it on CD. There were many good arguments made towards the difference between enjoying a book through reading it versus listening to someone else read it (and Aanchir even wrote an essay. Bless. His English teachers must love him) and some points I had not considered.


So coming off of Eyru's suggestion, I'm going to focus on just reading at least 10 pages a day. I started that last night and eagerly want to pick up The Two Towers again today immediately if it weren't for some other things I had to do. (After the 10 pages, if I don't feel like reading more, I'll switch to another book I'm in the middle of, something more engaging.) At this rate, I should have TT finished in less than a month. I'll start Return of the King sometime next year and apply the same tactics. With any luck I'll be fit for rereading The Hobbit in time for the second movie.


I should probably apply this tactic to Cloud Atlas. And Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Both books are a little hard to get through at first.


-CF :kakama:


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