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My Sonic Screwdriver...and Stuff!

Sooooo the other day my roommate and I ordered our own sonic screwdrivers based on the one that the tenth doctor has from the BBC series Doctor Who.


Sonic Screwdriver




You know you're cool when you shine your sonic screw drivers at each other down the hall or in the store.... :P


Other than that...I got Resident Evil 6 for Christmas! Aaaaaaand I also got promoted to front end supervisor at work. Sooo yeah...good times...and that's about it I guess...I know. I'm pretty exciting ;D


But anyway, Happy New Year! And don't forget! (...or should I say remember? :o) Disco is in this year!


-Jordboy1 :miru:


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Lol actually that's just a Target brand box of Kleenex I put there for better lighting. I actually ordered it off of Think Geek for $20. There are 3 other choices too! 11th Doctor's, Master's, and River Song's.


-Jordboy1 :miru:

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