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Lookit What I Found



While doing some Googling earlier, I accidentally stumbled upon this little webpage created by Turakii from some years ago.


I didn't even remember this existed until I found it. Not sure how old it is, exactly, but it's from at least 2008, if not older than that.


I even contributed to it. Lookit:

Toa Nuhrii: Toa of Sugar likes to be called either TNTOS, Nuhrii, or Toa Nuhrii.

Toa Nuhrii: Toa of Sugar does not like being called by his full name.

Toa Nuhrii: Toa of Sugar does not live in LEGO HQ, unfortunately.

Toa Nuhrii: Toa of Sugar hears voices in his head and is currently trying to get them out of his head, but hasn't had much success.

Toa Nuhrii: Toa of Sugar laughs at the simplest things.

Toa Nuhrii: Toa of Sugar has a bucket.

Toa Nuhrii: Toa of Sugar is 100% awesome and 0% unawesome.



Even funnier, almost all of those facts are still true (except for the last one. In recent years I've managed to exceed 100% awesome :P ).


I haven't read through all of it yet, but I've already spotted the names of a few members who aren't active anymore, but it's surprising how many of the members on the page are still active. It brings back a lot of fond memories of the old BZP, especially during the 2006-2008 years.


I'm sharing it here because I thought other people, especially older members who contributed to the list, might be interested in reading it. Nostalgia and all that.


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