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On the subject of targeted ads (and how it relates to me)



So, I can safely say that despite my best efforts, Google AdSense still found a way to find SOMETHING relevant to me, either through Facebook or basic Amazon searches. Regardless, it found something to advertise that I may have been interested in: Buying tickets to go to the EMP Museum in Seattle to see the Block by Block exhibit they have there. Sounds interesting!


Now I will first start by saying by all means, if you're in the great Pacific Northwest, go see it. Like seriously, go. Why do I advise this? Well, that leads to the next part of the humor of this entry: I had my hand in all 10 buildings featured there. Basically, what I'm saying is I'm indirectly paying for myself by viewing these ads. Also of note, of every ad I've seen of it so far, every one features a building I was lead on. So not only did they pick the wrong audience to advertise to, but they use my own suggested buildings.


... Well, I thought it was funny, anyway :| And by the way, yes BZP also had one of these ads when I signed on today. I've uploaded all three kinds of banner ads I saw to BS01 to share what I see practically daily now. Square ad Tall ad Wide ad


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Some people find targeted ads creepy. I actually kind of like them. Rarely do they have exactly what I'm looking for, but I still have to smile when I see an ad for an actual local business. That's the GOOD targeted ads, of course, There are also plenty of cruddy ones, but generally I find that the better targeted they are to me, the less annoying they are to me.

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Actually, what the major problem so far has been most services keep getting blocked by my tracking protection, so for select sites I've had to disable it. On other examples, such as the site for Nostalgia Critic, I elect to turn it off to benefit them. Amazon gets it full blast, but I suspect they sell data to Google anyway, so there's that.

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I was first like "But there's a Lego workshop in Tacoma that sounds much more fun" and then I realized you changed your avatar. :P (I don't read things like blog titles or usernames anymore...)



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I like targeted ads. I get to see ads for awesome webcomics and such, rather than "hot xxx singles" and the like.

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