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Status on the MakutaFest Vahi Grand Prize



Alright, so if you were part of the randomness that was MakutaFest 2014, you would recall I mentioned something about a grand prize. That grand prize was, of course, a Vahi that was practically life-sized, based on the movie-edition, and made of Lego.


It took me ~1 hour to build from scratch in the studio I work at, and took me all of 30 minutes in LDD to build and pose. I then took it into another program to make instructions of it, so others can build it at home. The only difference between the winner (Voxumo, if you didn't catch that at the show) and yourself is he gets it for free. Sadly you will have to locate parts yourself to build it, but at least I used common enough parts. I didn't price this out on BrickLink and/or PAB yet, so I don't know what the overall cost will be, so if it turns out to be too expensive I am sorry.


Once I mail the prize to Voxumo and receive confirmation that it arrived safely, I will be releasing the Vahi instructions and parts list for all to use. I had fun designing and building it, and I look forward to 2015 where I probably won't be building a Vahi again :P

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