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Brickfair so Far



Day 1: I win a Cars Duplo set at bingo. We do not one, but two reviews of it. A vendor then buys it off me for $20.


Day 2: Galidor. Breadsticks bring it back. I begin gathering Skeletons for my next project. Late at night, Takuma introduces us to a new game.


Day 3: People want to use fake punches in the vine. I refuse to allow such poor craftsmanship. The Yo Yo Piraka collaboration is going at full strength. I get me several good huffs of Kopaka Nuva canister air.


Day 4: The public brings me all the Streetpasses. Xaeraz helps me liven up my mocs. Todd promises us all free food if we let the public stay for an extra hour, and he delivers. Laser Tag goes down. I do terrible. B6 promises a custom member title to whoever can chug a cup of icing from Pizza Hut. I take the challenge and succeed. It's starting to get to me.


All the while: I am meeting several BZPers face to face for the first time. Vines are made. Food is eaten. Mocs are displayed.


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I always found it odd they gave away Duplo sets at a convention aimed primarily at AFOLs, but I guess they get some of their prizes donated so they give what they can. I'm jealous because when I won a Duplo set a few years ago, somebody came to buy it off me, realized it wasn't the set they wanted, and rudely blamed me for misleading them or something and stormed off. You must've found a cool vendor guy then.


Sounds like a lot of fun!



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Why would you get rid of Duplo?  Just build some DuploPunk.

Well, the vendor did only take the cars and left me with the brick, so that is still an option.

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