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The Dark Knight Re- sorry, Batman vs. Superman



So apparently there's rumours floating around that Jenna Maroney Jena Malone will play a female Robin in the new Batman vs. Superman movie. Two things:


1) Maybe a dose of feminine energy will help balance the manliness of the Bat-chin.




2) Seriously, DC, why can't you just make a movie based on The Dark Knight Returns and sit back and sip your cocktail made of $100 bills by the poolside which is also filled with money on your beach chair which is also made of- you guessed it- money? The material is there, just make it already D:


I'm still excited for this movie and I'm looking forward to see how exactly they plan to handle the mix of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, she-Robin, Lex Luthor and Khal Drogo Aquaman without botching everything, as Zack Snyder is known to do occasionally. I don't have very high hopes at this point, but I'd love to be proven wrong in two years' (!) time. :)


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my baloney


Actually kind of excited for Jena Malone playing Robin, as I haven't seen many films starring her other than Hunger Games, and she did an aight job acting there. But it certainly seems like the amount of characters in this movie might be too large. Isn't Cyborg supposed to be in this one too?

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