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Is Takanuva white and gold or

  1. If you had to drop one Toa from the current six Toa we have, who would it be?
  2. If you had to add ONE and ONLY ONE Toa to G2 from G1, who would it be?
  3. If you had to remove an element, which would it be?
  4. If you had to add one element that isn't already in G2, which would it be?
  5. If you went to sleep and had an island paradise sprout up over your face, how would you react?
  6. If you were in charge of Generation 3, what would you do with it?
  7. If your mask was alive, what would you think of it?
  8. If bonkles were edible, what flavours would they be?
  9. If the Hero Factory build a Hero Factory on Okoto, how would everyone react to the revelation that HF = G2?
  10. It is not too late to answer question, for you are the MASTER OF... which element?
  11. How advanced is Okoto in your minds?
  12. What if the Ancient City is abandoned because it was swarmed by clowns? Not just any clowns, mind you. Evil clowns. Evil, scary, horrifying terrifying abominations called clowns.
  13. One day, you are walking along to the bonkle store. You stop in your tracks as you see that the much-anticipated and hyped-up spring 2016 wave of bonkles has come to the stores. It is a clown-themed wave. How do you react?
  14. The Protectors have a dark secret. What is this dark secret?
  15. In your house, your bonkles have starting looking at you. Every time you look at them, their heads are staring straight at you. Their heads move to face you when you move. Whenever you go to sleep and then wake up later, their arms are outstretched towards you, weapons aimed at you. What happens?

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Recommended Comments

1: NONE!  (Okay, Lewa, only one who's really unrecognizable, even if I wub the green.)
2: Nuparu?
3: Fire.  :evilgrin:
4: Lightning / Electricity
5: I'd wish I had pimple removal cream as effective as the Bohrok.
6: Who put me in charge??  Um, more female characters, more sword fights.
7: Become friends
8: Crunchy
10: Procrastination... I'll explain it later.
11: Not very, if they can't even handle a basic spider infestation.
12: Well, that would make sense, although I don't think the Toa are mentally prepared to enter it then.
13: Buy them for the parts, assuming the clown wave would have some unusual colors.  (What, more blehs and silvers??)
14: They didn't even like the 2001 story!
15: The plastic toys are moving by magic!  Harness that for energy, like have them run on a hamster wheel after me.  You think you get get me, Tahu, because I dissed your fire element.  Well keep running, you plastic little generator you!



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1: NONE! (Okay, Lewa...


Yeah, you're dead to me for a little while. =P


1) Kopaka. (That jerk)

2) Varian.

3) Kopaka Stone. Add it to Earth like it should have freaking been done in G1.

4) Sharknado Psionics.

5) "Am I alone, and if not, then will there be mutual killings? I hope not... =/"


7) "Are we friends? Does ze like me? Should I talk to zer more so ze knows I love zer? Would that be too annoying? Man, I wish we had a better form of communication..."

8) They'd taste like my nightmares sprinkled with fish.

9) Like how fans react in general. One really loud, annoying group acting like it's the end of times, a civilized group that doesn't care either way but is open for discussion, and a bunch of arguments over the intense culture and sophistocated plot of a children's constraction line.

10) Shadow? Pleeeease? It would be cool! Mysterious... Awesome! New.

11) Smurf technology.

12) THERE WILL BE BLOOD! ... Oil? Whatever pumps through them.

13) Here, take this green paper. In return, I want that green plastic.

14) They are secretly responsible for writing all of the romantic fanfiction about themselves. Every last story.

15) Finally, an audience for my interpretive dance...

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1. Lewa =(

2. Call me cliche, but Takanuva because nostalgia

3. Stone?

4. Plasma was pretty cool

5. Eat it, probably

6. Tahu finds quaza and becomes Billy Blaze. Nah, probably reintroduce Matoran, Turaga but make the island (not Mata Nui or Okoto) bigger, maybe like part of an archipelago or something, and have more female characters. or something idk

7. i'd tell it to mind it's own business and get off my face please

8. cinnamon with a hint of honey

9. see first part of 6

10. dolphins

11. Probably not that advanced, but then again they do have gattling gun blaster things so

12. then the toa should just pack up and get out of there, like no point even trying, game over

13. cower in fear, go home, hide underneath sheets

14. they killed laura palmer

15. bring in the clowns

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1. Tahu

2. Hahli

3. Magnetism

4. Iron

5. Probably by suffocating

6. All Female Reboot


8. Artificial Banana



11. Feudal Europe

12. isn't this the plot of dwarf fortress


14. at age six they were born without faces

15. yaaaaaaaay i have friends

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  • Voriki

  • Soh Cah Toa

The element of surprise


I would probably respond using "flowery" language

Reveal 10 years later that it all happened inside a giant robot



Bring Back Hero Factory Is NOT BIONICLE Club


They have more articulation than 2001, so very advanced

As long as they're clowning around, I'll leave them be


Snape kills Trinity with Rosebud the sled

I'm the star of the sequel to The LEGO Movie. Alternately, I'm the victim for the opening of a Doctor Who episode

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1. Tahu

2. Takalakanuva because I love blue and black color scemes

3. Earth/Stone, just fuse them



6. cancel it after one season

7. i would question why i have a living being on my face.

8. plastic.

9. "how does it connect to g1 tho."

10. yes.

11. advanced enough to embed gatling guns into their chests, and be able to use said guns.

12. please no.

13. burn the store down.

burn lego down.

i am not down with the clown.

14. they're actually clowns.

15. i rip them apart and build them into a terrifying, headless abomination.

can't look at me now :^)

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1. I guess Lewa. He looks the least like his G1 counterpart.

2. Lhikan, I suppose.

3. Stone or Earth. They're kind of redundant.

4. Magnetism.


6. No idea, but I would ensure it had an immersive world building online game.


11. I have a feeling that it used to be a fairly advanced place with the Ancient City at it's hub. But then disaster ocurred, bringing the population down to more primitive technology levels. Think Atlantis or El Dorado.


13. Wierder things have happened.

14. Talk to them, of course!

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1. Tahu

2. Vakama, probably. Love that Vakama.

3. Stone, I guess.

4. Cloun.

5. Make fat profit off the prime real state on my face.

6. Metruboot

7. I don't wear a mask?

8. Farm animals.

9. Everyone will whine because whining is easy.

10. Surprise! (but evidently not originality)

11. Oh geez, when did Okoto get in there.

12. What if indeed.

13. Oh man, yes.

14. Their names are actually Billy.

15. eh, it's ok, i'll just leave lewa on display, it'll be funny seeing him try

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1. Hmmm, hard to say whether I'd say Lewa or Pohatu. I like Lewa better build-wise, but we haven't gotten to see much of either of them personality-wise. I love Pohatu so it feels bad to drop him, but he's probably the character I'd be most willing to do without.


2. Another difficult question! Takanuva is one of my favorite Toa from G1, but it would be tricky to work him into the G2 story without his character arc feeling inferior to the original (since changing it might lose what made the character most compelling, and keeping it the same would make it too predictable).


I'm tempted to say Nikila. She was never an important character and we didn't see much of her, but I loved her spunky attitude. And the series could use more female characters. Lightning is also an iconic, easy-to-visualize element, unlike many of the secondary elements that I'm not nearly so fond of (like Psionics, Magnetism, Gravity, and Sonics.


3. Here, I think I can easily say Stone. Stone and Earth have always been annoyingly redundant, and in the new story the differences between them are as vague as ever (most stone characters' powers from what we've seen are more connected to sand than solid rock).


4. Probably Air, Lightning, or Iron, but any of those would probably need new colors assigned to it since their colors are either not intuitive, too similar to existing elements, or both.


5. Annoyed that the island paradise didn't sprout up someplace that it would still be there when I woke up, probably. What a waste of an island paradise.


6. Depends what went right or wrong with Generation 2, what had changed in the interim, and what the target audience wanted. I'd definitely try to keep the most iconic aspects of the BIONICLE franchise, though — elemental mechanical heroes, the magical masks they seek and use, and the plucky villagers they protect.


7. I'd probably want to take especially good care of it, like I would with a pet.


8. Tahu would be cinnamon, Kopaka peppermint, Onua licorice, Lewa citrus, Gali concord grape, and Pohatu apricot.


9. People would be confused and bothered, considering all the retcons it would entail for the Hero Factory storyline and the perceived insult to BIONICLE.


10. Oh gosh, I don't know. If there's one thing I'm passionate about, it's color, but that's not much of an element. I contemplated Light in the days of classic BIONICLE (due to both its adaptable and optimistic spirit and its association with color), but given its importance to the story and its symbolic ties to power and righteousness I think that's probably a bit presumptuous.


Maybe Stone or Earth, and I could work with mineral pigments? I like Stone due to its association with the principle of Creation in classic BIONICLE.


11. I'd like to think they are very primitive, but might have once been more culturally advanced. Maybe not as culturally advanced as Metru Nui with its giant video screens, anti-gravity airships, and robotic law enforcement. Or at least not in such an overtly futuristic way. At most they might have once been like the Azran from the Professor Layton games.


12. The Toa would have to defeat them in a clown-off.


13. Oooh, pretty colors!


14. They are charged with incapacitating the Toa if they should ever pose a threat to the villagers of Okoto.


15. I wake up one morning in the middle of a cheesy Gulliver's Travels sendup, with me as Gulliver.

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1. Pohatu.

2. Takanuva. I would've said Lesovikk, but Takanuva fits in better with the Toa Okoto.

3. Plasma.

4. Psionics. 

5. I'd probably go back to sleep. It would most likely be a really calm sleep for an island to sprout on my head. :P

6. Make sure the Protectors everyone at least got some sort of a name.

7. I would think it would be cool, unless it rebelled againt me. Then it would meet my dear friend, the hammer.

8. They would taste like grapes.

9. The Internet would explode.

10. Metroid. B-)

11. It's like the Island of Mata Nui, but with no disks.

12. Gen 2 Bionicle wouldn't be that suited for kids, I imagine. :P

13. I'd set the store on fire.

14. They are the true villains of the Gen 2 story. (That would actually make for a neat plot twist, now that I think about it...)

15. I would let my cats into my room. The sets wouldn't last two minutes alone with them. :P

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1. I would take out half of Lewa and half of Pohatu, and turn them into LEWATU.

2. Kongu or another Toa of Air, because that's an element that we lost in G2.

3. Stone or Earth.

4. Bring back Air.

5. I wouldn't notice, because I wouldn't be awake, because Makuta would have cast me into a deep sleep.

6. Well, 2015 does a nice job of bringing back the 2001 mystical/tribal feel, so for 2016 I'd go for the big-city Metru Nui feel of 2004. Actually I'd wait a few years for that. Maybe 2018?

7. I'm gonna go with Zatth's answer to this one, because I can't think of anything as perfect as that.

8. I guess their flavours would correspond to their colours. So red = cherry, black = licorice, etc.

9. There would be a massive uprising, and Bionicle fans would take over LEGO HQ.

10. Air. Can we please have air back? Please?

11. A little more so than Mata Nui, because they have launchers and such. But not nearly at the Metru Nui level.

12. Are they really clowns if they're scary? What does it mean to be a clown? What does it mean to clown?

13. Either I'm dreaming, or LEGO's gone insane. Also how did I suddenly get to 2016?


15. I would put pictures of myself in various places throughout the room, so they wouldn't know where to look. Then unleash the squirrels.



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There are too many questions! I graduated school already you monster!


1. Gali. I usually love aquatic themed sets moreso than others, but she doesn't really cut it to me.

2. Takanuva. Still waiting.

3. Earth. So booooring.

4. Lightning, but call it Electricity because it sounds way less pretentious.

5. It's called not shaving, and I'm usually too lazy to do it anyway.

6. Who says I'm not? Anyway, I'd connect it to the previous canon solely in order to trim the fat off the previous line(s?). Then everything would be like BioShock Infinite and I'd be okay.

7. I'd probably get into lots of daily arguments with it. Mostly about shaving, given answer 5.

8. Grape, because only really weird people like grape flavor. And banana. Grape and Banana.

9. They would be incredibly upset and I would laugh and laugh and laugh at their rage and sorrow.

10. Yo mama.

11. As advanced as it needs to be, usually. The Mask Makers would just make a mask for whatever needed to be done, despite the Islanders leading a fairly rustic life. However, since they're both dead/comatose/whatever, the elements of the island have started turning on the inhabitants; ultimately, I don't think Okoto was ever truly meant to be habitable, which begs the question of why they settled there.

12. So you mean Eurobricks third place BFTGM winner is canon?

13. What point of the year is this? How much money do I have? Shouldn't I just try and get them as review copies?

14. That every Islander is male and they don't actually know where babies come from.

15. Document it as a reality show. Make a small fortune. Retire at the sweet age of 24.

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