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Of WIPs and Ideas



So ive been juggling around mocs, working on one, then working on a different one, and another and another, working on each a little at a time, with the main focus on the dragon, the biggest moc that I have worked on thus far. Here are some pictures of some of the works in progress that I have been fiddling with.


First up, the Dragon's Head:


The head was inspired by Ballom's Frang Kaai, but I intend to make a larger dragoon than the beauty he made.


Next up is Hewkii Mahri:


Hewkii was originally going to be my BBCC #69 contest entry, but when I started building an adversary for him, things got rolling in another direction. I'm not too sure about the bley bones, and the cordak blaster, and plan to change them eventually.


Now, Hahli Mahri:


Unfortunately, therre are no dark blue shells in CCBS, so i tried to make due with trans blue. I tried adding lime in with the color scheme, but it ended up looking too messy for my likes, so I replaced it with silver. The lime mask is a stand in till I can find her original mask. The eyes are hard to make out because of this, as they are lime spikes.


Next up, Jallers Crab:


Jaller is pretty much complete, but I'm not satisfied with how his crab is now, I feel like it's just missing something.



I am trying to make the Mahri within a certain theme, they all, with the exception of Hewkii for obvious reasons, will have the same head, and different feet, or something along those lines. The head was the hardest part to come up with, as my previous solution did not allow for masks with visors. The one that I have created now has overcome that obstacle, but now needs another piece to allow for masks with studs to attach.


The solution:


Depending on how visible the top axle will be, it can be interchanged with a black axle of the same length, or left as is. Sadly, the spikes only come in so many colors, so i did what became so commonplace for bionicle in its later years, green for good guys, red for bad guys.




Please, comment below with any critiques on how I can improve these works in progress.

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Some neat stuff! I'm interested to see in what direction you'll take the dragon head. The added teeth are nice too.


Personally, I think Hahli could use some lime, as it was one of her colors after all. The insectoid wings look good, though. I'm reminded of ToM's version, which I really liked.


Btw, are you on Flickr? Your photos appear to be from Brickshelf, but Flickr has a great Lego community (and of course lets you keep up to date on what people are posting much more easily).



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Thanks for the tip Ballom, I have just made a Flickr account and will be using that from now on instead of brickshelf. 

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