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Halkenverse Discussion Entry



For Bionifight Infinite, over in RPGs

  • Zakaz is a Steampunk empire, ruled by elite, gold-spined Skakdi such as Lord Halken von Zakaz III Esq. (the character for which the Halkenverse [Working name] was named) Notably, the population has developed clothing and stylings similar to the victorian era.
  • Xia is a computer nerd's paradise, having become a Cyberpunk monstrosity of a city, riddled with hackers, vaguely dystopian skyscrapers and megadvertisements, and people who look like they belong in the 90s. Notable inhabitants include Vinra. The only island to have access to multiversal programming.
  • Voya Nui looks like apocalypse prepper's greatest fantasy: A charred, burnt out husk of an island, inhabited by roaming gangs of matoran and other sentient beings, warring over the precious few resources left over. Notably devoid of outside communications.
  • Mahri Nui is filled to the brim with rum, gunpowder, and boisterous matoran pirates when they're not out raiding shipping lines in their pirate submarines. A good place to stop, leave your liver, and gain a wooden limb, if you're desperate.
  • Metru Nui is easily distinguished from other islands from the cloud of smog that hangs over it at all times. The city is notably dieselpunk, from its gas-spewing dirigibles floating lazily through the black clouds, to its hot rod racing cars vomiting pitch colored clouds as they roar through the streets.
  • Contrariwise, Mata Nui is an idyllic land, devoid of any technology more advanced than Bionicle 2001 was. Heatstones and Lightvines are extremely common fixtures amongst the peacesful, tribal folk of the island.
  • Stelt is an island where good food isn't just a delicacy, it's a way of life. The populace of the island is all dedicated to one great pursuit: Cooking. Some say, on a hot day, you can smell the restaurants of Stelt from the Red Star.
  • If you want to know what the Northern Continent is, picture Beseige. The entire continent is a never ending war of increasingly absurd seige engines, doing battle over sheep herds and giant lyres.
  • Karda Nui is almost eerily quiet, compared to most other islands. If you look out over the land, you'll note that it is primarily filled with small, bamboo buildings filled with training av-toran, a large tribe of warriors shameless ripped from japanese martial arts.
  • Not far from Karda Nui, one can hear the roars and cries of the various beasts of the biopunk land of Destral. Destral is rife with the Makuta, a race of genetic engineers. Ironic for beings made of gas and living in shape shifting armor, no?
  • On the other end of the spectrum, Nynrah is a land of the atom. Not a single item on the entire island possesses a traditional power source, the matoran instead choosing to make Nuclear power sole focus. It would be concerning, if any other island understood their mad plans.

Any other island suggestions (or better names for the universe) are welcomed. This list will be updated as more characters from the universe come into being, assuming any more do.

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Voya Nui looks like apocalypse prepper's greatest fantasy: A charred, burnt out husk of an island, inhabited by roaming gangs of matoran and other sentient beings, warring over the precious few resources left over. Notably devoid of outside communications.


Mute drug addict that wields a Super Sledge and listens to vintage music INCOMING


*Snaps fingers*

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Plenty of interesting ideas in this article. I didn't even know half of them existed. Perhaps a Stonepunk Northern Continent... :D


Wealthy Metru Nui Lady by day, Silent Assassin by night incoming, perhaps. Complete with bag of everything and a need for diesel-powered speed, of course, as any fashionable lady must have. Lady Dajik, at your service.



Did I mention this is a great idea? Steampunk and Cyberpunk Bionicle always looked good...

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Now I'm tempted to make a character from this world (If you don't mind me doing so).


I'm Just conflicted whether or not to make;

-A lethal chef from Stelt who constantly uses french mannerisms and fights with a razor-sharp, oversized spatula

-A samurai from Karda Nui, who barely speaks standard matoran and tends to commit Hara-Kiri when things look to dire

-A Toa of Nuclear energy from Nynrah

-Or A seige machine pilot from the northern continent, Who constantly speaks in a cockney accent and calls everyone "Guv'nor".


Maybe I should also chip in and Suggest an Alternate location for this universe. Hmm... How about an ancient Greece-Style Daxia with ruthless emperors, gladiator battles, and Greek architecture?


Like I've said, this is a great concept, and I hope to see you develop this further in the future.

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I've got to keep a better eye on this...


Artahka is actually Greecoroman in nature, with Daxia having wound up as a kind of Valhalla substitute instead. I just haven't gotten around to writing those up yet =p


But by all means, go ahead! Join the H-verse! It's not an exclusive club by any means.

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