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I can't wait for G3, which has been confirmed to be launching next year, in 2028!


Interestingly, there are these six heroes called 'Toa', controlling the elements of: Fire, Air, Jungle, Stone, Ice, and Lightning. Seems that Ice and Water have been combined, as have Stone and Earth. Seems to be the first incarnation of BIONICLE without Makuta, though it would also seem that the Bohrok are the first year bad guys this time around. Or at least, things that look and are functionally very similar to the Bohrok.


G1 lasted ten years, G2 lasted eight, and I hope they don't pull the controversial 'Tahu is evil' again like they did at the end of G2.

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I think you published your future entry a little early, might wanna tweak that to avoid spoilers. :P



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Isn't time travel illegal on BZP? Or was that dimensional travel?


That's right--there can only be one Dimensioneer.

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