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Quick Update



-so finals are approaching, i'm taking 2 ap tests, and so logically the best option is to cram as much schoolwork down student's throats as possible


-I'm taking part in the day of silence this Friday! As a part of my high school's Allies Club, I'm making a more conscious effort to be informed and to take a more active part in promoting equality, so I won't be talking to anyone or interacting with anyone outside of what's required for school for the entire school day. I'm friends with one of the co-leaders of the club, and she explained to me that the purpose of the day was to simulate as best as possible what it feels like when you don't feel like you can talk to anyone (obviously not anywhere close to how it actually feels), so I'm excited and hope that this will be a learning experience for me.


-Also going on the retreat for my high school next week. This is the last one I'll be able to go on unless I sign up to be a student leader on a retreat, but next week's retreat is apparently the amazing, life-changing, super feels-y one. From what I've heard everyone cries. I'm excited because yay feelings!


-not bragging or anything but a 2360 is a good SAT super-score right #totallybragging sorry just excited


-Daredevil. Soooo good. I'm only on episode 10 and I won't be able to watch anymore until this weekend but oh boy wow this is a big step for Marvel. If you haven't been a fan of Marvel's stuff up to now there's still a good chance you'll enjoy Daredevil.


-Speaking of Marvel, AOU in two weeks! I am a fanboy so I'll love it regardless of actual quality (that being said I don't expect it to be anything under great)


-super secret writing project is underway. Stay tuned! It will most likely not be good but I really just want to test the waters with writing and stretch myself, and I think that's a good goal.


-I've been feeling a little odd lately. On one hand, a lot of my relationships with other people have been going really well! My friendships feel like they're in a good place and I'm strengthening some of my newer ones. But at the same time something feels off. I'm not sure if it's one thing or many things, but I think one factor is this creeping feeling that all relationships and experiences are temporary and fleeting- a little deep, but I get where I might be coming from as I lost touch with almost all of my grade/middle school friends of 8+ years upon coming to high school, plus some complex relationship-y stuff once in high school. Trying to make sense of it all but it feels all muddy and unclear. I'll try to make sense of it as best I can but I'll be fine.


-Ending on a happier note- prom is this Saturday! Also the ACT is this Saturday! haha you thought this post was gonna end on a happy note but for real I am very excited for prom! And pre-prom and after-prom and after-after-prom and crashing at a friends place after after-after-prom and jeez who designed this system what even


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