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A Few More Scenarioquestionthingawhyareyouansweringthems





  1. You discover that you have the power to absorb LEGO pieces into your body and then assemble them as extra limbs. How do you respond to this?
  2. You discover rumours of plans to build a HERO Factory... right where wherever you call home is located! Also, in such a clichéd and predictable move, humans are disappearing and creepy robot 'heroes' are increasing in number. How do you stop the tyranny of the HERO Factory?
  3. You discover a discovery which has not as yet been discovered, as it has been waiting and remained undiscovered for a very long time until you came along and discovered it with your discovery. How do you discover something even less discovered/more undiscovered than your discovered discovery?
  4. You are now fused with the person you hate the most and the person you like the most. Through the powers of plot convenience and maybe also friendship (but more likely the former) you grow to co-operate with each other. Wait. GROW? That's gonna be a problem if it doesn't stop. How do you stop growing like an invasive plant?
  5. You post some answers to some guy's blog on the internet. This is what you are doing right now. I declare here and now that you are The Chosen One, as in, the one person destined to stop the Obviously Evil Makuta, who just conquered your home village so now you have to save the world. Yes, again. Also, the Makuta is you from the future. Which future, I don't know. But I do know that in the future, you get really good at cooking food. This is the part where I betray you. Goodbye! Now, how do you react to the news that some guy you just met has betrayed you to your future self?
  6. Everything explodes. Do you walk away wearing sunglasses or do you run into the explosion screaming somebody's name?
  7. Bonus: A shadow leech from 2008 hits you and asks you for some food. Because it knows English. It's a very intelligent shadow leech, its intellect is unmatched within the Matoran Universe. Do you give the cute creature with really sharp teeth and a taste for light food?


Recommended Comments

1. ben 10 cosplay

2. boycott lego. always a failsafe move

3. get amnesia?

4. eat the one i hate

5. but, um, where. where does the hero factory fit in this, are they going to arrest you for betraying me?

6. do the sunglasses have a chance of exploding too

7. the guy i hate from question 4

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2. Use said GIANT LEGO MECH to kill all the hero factories.

3. discover something hidden by the discovery i made.


5. ok cool.

6. cool guys don't look at explosions. i'm not cool. therefore i must become ONE with it.

7. yes. feed it the blood of my enemies.

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1. Make OVER 9000 ARMS!!!

2. By throwing water all over the robots, then putting them in my house as neat-o Statues.

3. wut

4. with weedkiller

5. Go hide in a closet for the rest of my life, Never become a Makuta, never get betrayed.

6. I chose the former Option

7. I bring it to a desert. It'll get plenty of light there.

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1. Assume I'm in inFamous, pick the evil route, and go destroy the town in order to get the bad ending.

2. Uuuuuh let it happen because Hero Factory was the best?

3. Look underneath what I just found.

4. I read that as invasive "planet" and now I'm picturing us becoming Unicron or Galactus or something and WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO BE UNICRON OR GALACTUS OR SOMETHING

5. Can we cook together first? I'm hungry! Also seriously have you been playing the inFamous series because this is what it sounds like.

6. Well, I don't have sunglasses, but...

7. No, I give it some dark beer, duh.

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1. Use it to make an extra pair of arms. Maybe a tail for fun. 


2. I go to the city council and deny their building permit. 


3. I keep doing research. 


4. I think I would have to use the Spear of Fusion in reverse, or some sort of surgery to get free.


5. I'm confused. Also, I am not saving the world, man. The world deserves to die. I already established that. Weren't you paying attention?


6. Sunglasses, man. You don't run into an explosion. Good way to die. 


7. No way. I like my moral light. Die, cute and traitorous creature!

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1) I grow extra hands on the tips of my fingers. The possibilites are limited, but actually seem endless. @w@


2) I break out my portable Mariachi band and dance to techno music. While my enemies are distracted by the chaos, Global Warming mixed with Nuclear Winter will cause an effect which will change the orbit of an asteroid which shall head to Earth and destroy all life.


3) Insects. The math is all there.


4) Coffee stunts growth, right? I would drink all of the coffee and regret nothing.


5) Well, guess who isn't baking you a nice birthday cake this year? Meanie...


6) You kidding? I laugh maniacally and watch the world burn.


7) Sure, take it. Also, you are cute. You are so adorable and squishy and-... Life is pain...


8) Hamster-powered treadmills. Just for the irony.

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