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Here, Answer Some Questions.



  1. 1. If the world was in danger and you were elected to save it by a bunch of people that have never met you, would you resign, save the world, or help the world on its way to destruction?
  2. There's a signpost with directions on it. Towards the North is Destruction. From the south is wherever you happen to have came from. To the East is a place so rumoured to exist it actually doesn't exist, and all who enter disappear forever. To the west, there is nothing of note but a portal to a universe where green scaly amphibians wearing gold armour rule with fists composed of mainly iron, as they severe their hands and get them replaced with cybernetic hands for advanced shoot-lasers-out-fingertips technology. Which way do you go?
  3. After aeons of existence, the Earth ends up cloning itself, accidentally removing Mars from existence in the process. This new Earth will destroy us all if we don't give it everything that happens to be green. You happen to be green for some reason. What happens?
  4. Some idiot in a blog asks you a few inane questions. How do you respond to this?
  5. You come to wherever you live to find thousands of Protectors of [ELEMENT] on the floor, fully animated and aware of their surroundings, capable of using their weapons. They demand that you free them. You realise that living BIONICLE sets are absurd and tell them this. How do you survive the oncoming onslaught?
  6. You've taken apart a BIONICLE set. At night, you are haunted by the ghost of the BIONICLE set you have taken apart. How do you get rid of bonkle ghosts?
  7. This is not a question?
  8. HERO Factory: Builds Heroes... or ZEROES?
  9. If the island of Mata Nui was above Mata Nui's head, does that mean Mount Valmai erupted whenever Mata Nui sneezed? (Lava through what is basically your nose must be painful...)
  10. Do you think wearing an Island of Mata Nui over your face will ever be a popular fashion thing?
  11. Gathered Blog-Entry-Readers, listen to our legend of the Inane Questions. In the time during whenever this blog entry was posted, the Inane Question Asker typed up a blog entry, boring we, the ones called the Blog-Entry-Readers, to death and perhaps beyond. We were effectively dead and without good questions, so the Inane Question Asker bored us with Numerous Inane Questions: One, Two, Three, And So On. We moaned at these questions, and in apathy, we did absolutely nothing, except sometimes answering questions anyway. Our state of being bored by inane questions was to last, for the Inane Question Asker continued to ask questions, casting a spell over the Blog-Entry-Readers, who were forever bored. The Inane Question Asker was free to ask questions... and ask questions, he did...


Recommended Comments



I get given to Neo-Terra

I answer them

Closing the door and driving away


This is not an answer


Mata Nui was incapable of sneezing

I hope not

The Inane Question Asker was then fired and thrown into Mount Valmai. Take heed of his awful fate and learn from it.

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1. Resign (there's literally nothing I could currently do to save it)

2. West

3. I paint myself turquoise and get to stay.

4. Like this

5. I tell them that I can get them the Mask of Creation, and if they let me go get it I run away to Canada. If not, I run away to Canada.

6. Put it back together, but COOLER. The bonkle ghost will have no choice but to go back.

7. Then I won't answer?

8. Neither.

9. No. Why would Mata Nui only have one nostril?

10. It's not already?

11. Too long; didn't read.

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1. Save.

2. South.  There's no place like home!

3. Hide in a cave.

4. Sometimes I answer, sometimes I don't; depends on how I feel.

5. By running out of the room screaming like a little girl.  

6. Ask Google.

7. Maybe.

8. I'd say a few of both.

9. Probably.  

10. No, but it should be.  

11. Cool story bro.

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1. Why did your font change after three questions?


1. Because font-changing makes you notice it more! Well, actually, it displayed the whole entry in the font, but then it refused to do it beyond Q3, so I just rolled with it. 

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1. I help the destruction

2. South-East

3. when in doubt, C-4

4. Same as Zox Tomana

5. Throw all my bad guys at them.

6. I go get a Vacuum cleaner


8. Neither, it is actually Z'Heros, short for ZERO HEROS, Because they build multicolored robots programmed to fight evil.

9. Mount Valmai is Voya Nui, not Mata Nui, and either way, the Mangai Volcano is his mouth, not nose.

10. It already is.

11. Nice recap of Questiononical, Legends of Quiestru Nui.

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1. I don't know. Depends on how many cool gadgets and toys that they give me. :P (no seriously I would save it.)


2. Up


3. I freeze and die in space. 


4. I answer them. I am amused, and use their stuff for cool story ideas for my next Great American Novel . 


5. Use a plastic container lid as a meat shield.


6. Reassemble the set.


7. No.


8. Both. 


9. No, that's not canon. 


10. No.


11. Welcome to Pulse's blog.

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1. I try to help with saving it but probably fail.


2. West! Sounds cool.


3. I guess I get exiled to new earth, then they realize it was all futile because the other planet still attacks, but at least I am on the safe side? (can I bring my family, though?)


4. I ignore several of the entries while actually wanting to answer them more and more. Finally I give in and it's actually really cool.


5. no I don't tell them that because they are super adorable! Cutesy wittle protectors! I try to find a diplomatic arrangement we can both live with.


6. I make them watch TLR whenever they pop up. They will not want to come back after that.


7. but this is an answer.


8. Minions. They build minions for my army of evil. Obviously.


9. Yes. Perfect.


10. Yep. If you do it ironically.


11. N'aww, your throat must be sore by now. Have some chocolate milk! And write a book about that, I would read it! ^^

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1. Save, I guess

2. Up

3. Run away

4. Answer them

5. Out the window

6. Make a bad pun and see if it goes away

7. Then why does it have a question mark

8. Well, out of context, a Hear Factory would build heroes.

9. Can you sneeze while sleeping?

10. Most likely not

11. Cool! I like inane questions

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  • That last one sounds appealing.

  • I was already headed north, might as well keep going.

Paint my possessions green. This cloned Earth better have cloned the internet, too.

Waste 10-15 minutes of my life answering them for no discernible reason.

I go fetch my boots, and then do some stomping.

I apologize for maiming him and quickly repair his body. That was rude of me.

This is not a sentence.

The latter, I think.

I don't follow your logic, but you're right on the hurting thing.


The irony of it is, there wasn't a single question in that paragraph.

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