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Apparently, this is my 201st blog entry. Meaning the last one was the 200th blog entry!


This calls for...



  1. ​Inane Question: Last year, when BIONICLE's return was announced, why didn't you take the opportunity to assassinate the Hero Factorieses?
  2. Inane Question Two: Next year, when the Demented Clowns of Honkle come knocking at your door with a clownish honk-roar, what will you do to prepare for the Oncoming Ahonkalypse?
  3. Inane Question One Plus Two: Someone makes a door for Gali, called the Gali Door. Does this mean the return of Galidor?
  4. Inane Question Four: If you were asked an inane question, what would your answer be?
  5. Inane Question Five But Not Quite: LEGO releases a movie called The Legend Reborn Reborn Remastered Retold Edition, which is a remastering of the retelling of the retelling of The Legend Reborn. How disappointed will you inevitably be?
  6. Inane Question Five For Real: Do you have heartburn? I can ship you to some place wtith a cold climate if you like.
  7. Inane Question Six, Like A Wave In G1 BIONICLE: What if Turaga were actually giant robots?
  8. Inane Question Seventh Toa: We've discovered the Mask of Lighting! How would you improve the lighting in the BIONICLE movies? Write a 500-word essay detailing how you would alter and improve the lighting of the movies "BIONICLE: Mask of Light", "BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui", "BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows", and "BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn". Spelling, punctuation and grammar will be marked, as will display of mathematical ability, knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physics, in addition to knowledge of history and geography, and also an explanation of how the Holy Roman Empire influenced the plot of the BIONICLE Movies.
  9. Inane Question Eight With Nine Inside: Six Toa are destined to be heroes. (Why have they rejected destiny?) How will you destroy them?
  10. Inane Question Tendencies: Transparent Orange Masks of Fire are known to hypnotise their owners into a cult-like state of worshipping the mask and nothing else. How do we combat this and PRAISE THE TRANSPARENT ORANGE MASK OF FIRE OR FEEL THE BURNS OF THE TRANSPARENT ORANGE FIRE.
  11. Inane Question Three In Binary: Who is Pohatu?


Recommended Comments

1. Oh. But I did.

2. Kill a bunch of trolls???

3. I am suing.


5. To clarify, I do know what inane means. Just making that sure. It was a joke, come on. Stop looking at me like that.

6. No thanks, California is frigid enohahahaha ok nevermind.

7. Would explain why they stopped making sets of them, it'd be pretty unprofitable.

8. :/

9. Hammers?

10. Worship ME

11. Do you mean Potatu?

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1) Because they do not live as we understand life.
2) Irrelevant.  The apepocalypse is scheduled for two weeks before that.
3) Yes and also the return of one of Lego.com's better games.
4) If I answered an inane question, what would the question be?
5) As long as they bring back Jim Cummings and Michael Dorn, some part of me will not be disappointed.

6) Would you mind?  Flights from Australia are so terribly expensive.
7) Were they not??
8) A picture says 1000 words so here is my essay: :smiletol:

9) Repeatedly dunking them in Energized Protodermis.  Your destiny can't be to transform forever!
10) Pit them against the Transparent Blue Mask of Water Cult.  And just as peace talks begin after a terrible war, I reveal a Transparent Green Mask of Air
11) Boil him, mash him, stick him in a stew.

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1. I didn't?

2. Earmuffs. I already have Monster truck ones signed by drivers.

3. Nope. 

4. The correct one.

5. I would slay a Purble Orange, and then throw the two Moldy halves at lego.

6(But really 5): Nope.

7: I guess it would be kinda cool.

8: No thANks

9: When in Doubt, C4.

10: Teething Puppys

11. In 2018 an OP form of UTAH.

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1. Cause I kinda liked em.

2. Eat some food and hold a hammer.

3. No, but I wish it did.

4. No.

5. Not as disappointed as the people who taught you to ask questions.

6. Yes, and please do.

7. Pica

8. Bonkles and white chocolate

9. With a video game tie in where they die in real life.

10. By a series of PSAs teaching people how to stay glacial.

11. A toa who is questioning his role in society.

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1. ​Because you can't just kill them. You have to kill what they stand for, or they'll just become martyrs.

2. I prepare my arsenal of horns, both musical and biological, for battle.

3. No. Sorry, man.

4. That varies, based upon what that inane question was. You have seen this, have you not?

5. Pretty somewhat slightly disappointed. On a scale of 1 to 10, 3.14159

6. I already told you no. Like I said, I need fireproofing.

7. That would be cool. If and only if they were mecha.

8. Can I instead right a 10000-word, Bones-tier rant on the fundamental flaws of your essay concept?

9. hey rejected Destiny because they were taken into the fan-created hype train for it, and came to expect much more from it than any video game could ever hope to deliver. I will destroy them in the most beautifully ironic way possible: By hyping up the pain and sheer terror of my awe-inspiring method of execution, then sticking a knife between their ribs.

10. You have Inane Question Tendencies. And now you have given it to me. How do you expect me to react? By answering it? I shall never answer your question about Transparent Orange Fire cults. I shall never tell you to swiftly execute the followers and lock away the Transparent Orange Fire, the only way to purge the Earth of this menace.

11. I already answered a Question 3. Try again.


*Snaps fingers*

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1. Because I had better things to do

2. Lock the door

3. Nope

4. It would be an inane answer

5. Meh, not particularly disappointed, compared to the 2015 Bionicle animations.

6. Not right now, but thanks for the offer

7. Woah...

8. ...

9. Puns

10. Well, not everyone owns a transparent orange mask of fire. The people who don't own them hypnotize the hypnotized to NOT get hypnotized to worship the transparent orange masks of fire by hypnotization.

11. The maori word for 'stone'

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