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My Opinion on Movies I've seen so far this year. (2015)

Toa Smoke Monster


Here is go again! Here is my opinion on the movies I've seen so far this year. (I will go into some spoilers for the movies. That is why they are in spoiler tags.)


Avengers: Age of Ultron:



I'm just going to say this now: This is my favorite movie of the summer so far. It is also one of my favorite Marvel movies period. I really liked all the different character interactions. (Not that they weren't good in the first one. :P) I really liked Ultron. I thought he was a great villain. I also liked the Scarlet Witch a lot too. The way she affected the Avengers with her powers are well done IMO. In fact, everyone in the movie got a moment to shine. Especially Hawkeye, who probably got the most development out of all the characters. Which is good since we haven't seen him since the first Avengers movie.


The movie had a lot of great actions scenes. My favorite was the fight between The Hulk and Iron Man in Hulkbuster armor. That has become one of my favorite fight scenes from any Marvel movie. I also thought the fight between Steve and Ultron on the truck was good too.


But even though this is my favorite summer movie so far, I do think it had a couple flaws. One was that it felt like the movie spent too much time setting up upcoming movies instead of staying focused on its own story. One or two teases of future movies are fine, but I felt like the movie had a little too much of them in it. Also, I wish Ultron had survived so that we could see him again. I believe it is possible that one of the Ultron bots somehow got away for another day, but if not, then I feel it was a waste of his character. I really hope that he returns someday to cause more problems for the Avengers. But with Thanos being the main threat in the next Avengers, I don't see that happening.


But even with those flaws, I still really enjoyed the movie and highly recommend it for anyone who likes the Marvel movies and hasn't seen it yet.



Jurassic World:



The surprise hit of the summer IMO, Jurassic World was the fourth installment of the 'Jurassic Park' movies. It brought us back to the island of the first movie, which has been turned into an amusement park of dinosaurs. I really liked some of the ideas in this movie, like the dinosaurs that was created on the island. Another idea I liked was Chris Pratt's character, Owen, being somewhat the leader of a pack of Raptors. Seeing a guy riding a motorcycle with Raptors running next to him was a cool sight to behold in the movie. :)


As for the other characters, my favorite would be Claire, play by Bryce Dallas Howard. She does a great job in the movie. She gets the most development out of everyone too, which is probably why she is my favorite. Also, she saves the Owen at least twice in the movie. Another plus IMO. :P We also got Vincent D'Onofrio as Hoskins, who is the villain of the movie. And even though I think he is a great actor and he does a good job with what he is given, his character just screams 'villain!' as soon as we shows up in the movie. Which isn't the best thing in a movie. Everyone else is good in this as well, including the two kid actors.


Even though this was a good movie, I just didn't enjoy it as much as I did with Age of Ultron. That may be because I'm not the biggest Jurassic Park fan. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed this movie and didn't regret seeing it at all. But it just didn't 'WOW' me as some other movies have. Though I know I'm in the minority with that opinion, as this is the biggest blockbuster this summer. I bet only Star Wars has a chance of making more money than it this year.



Terminator: Genisys:



Here is a movie that I had had low expectations for. Just from seeing the trailers (which spoiled a LOT of the movie IMO), I really didn't think this would be a good movie. But then I saw it, and I will say that I actually enjoyed it a lot. Maybe even more so than Jurassic World.


For anyone who wanted to see the world of Terminator post-Judgment Day (and didn't get their fill of it in Terminator Salvation), then the first ten minutes are for you. It goes along very well with what's established in the first two movies, in that we get to see the events that made Kyle Reese go back in time in the first movie. But once he gets to 1984, events start changing from the previous movies. I won't spoil anything here, but I will say that if you really like the first two movies, you may not like what you see here.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as another T-800 Terminator, and he does a good job here. He's similar to his Terminator Two counterpart, but there are some differences in this version that make him not feel like a carbon copy of the other one. Jai Courtney and Emilia Clark play Kyle Reese and Sarah Conner respectively, and they do good jobs with their roles IMO. Jason Clarke plays a great John Conner here too. Even though him being turned into a Terminator is kind of left field, storywise. But I will admit that I thought his Terminator form was really cool.


As for flaws in the movie, I think the biggest thing that hurt this movie were its trailers. They simply showed way too much of the story. John Conner becoming a Terminator, for example, was actually revealed in its second or third trailer. Since that was spoiled for me, I was nowhere near as surprised at that reveal as I might of been had I not seen that trailer. As for the story itself, it wasn't the best. I still think Terminator Two is the best of this franchise, but this one is still better than the last two movies.


Overall, I put this movie in the same ball park as Jurassic World: I'm glad I saw it and I enjoyed it, but it didn't 'WOW' me too much. It was better than I was expecting it to be though, which gives it a plus in my book.





Ending the second phase of Marvel's cinematic universe, Ant-Man turned out to be a really fun movie, which is what I was hoping it would be. With great actions, good performances, and a couple nods to the overall MCU, Ant-Man is definitely one of Marvel's better movies that it has released in theaters.


All the actors and actresses do a good job here. Especially Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, who have a lot of fun with their characters Scott Lang and Hank Pym respectively. Evangeline Lilly is good as Hope van Dyne too. I don't have any complaints about their performances at all.


One thing I will praise this movie on is that it didn't feel like the MCU hurt its story, as I feel like it did in Age of Ultron. Ant-Man has its own story that simply takes place in the MCU, and its profits from it a lot. That's not to say that their are not references to the Avengers, including a battle that takes place between Ant-Man and The Falcon. But they don't feel like they slow down the story. I really hope Marvel uses this movie as an example of how to make the majority of their movies exist in the same universe without hurting their own individual stories.


The only flaw I really have with the movie is that, like in a lot of Marvel's movies, the villain dies at the end. Now I know that it would be kind of crazy if all of Marvel's villains were still alive somehow, but its just becoming a common thing in Marvel's movies for the villains to be killed off. With the exceptions of Loki, The Abomination, and possibly Red Skull, nearly all the villains in Marvel's movies have died. I know that's kind of a vent against all of Marvel's movies in general and not just this one, but it would be nice for another villain to survive one of these movies.


Overall, I really liked this movie and would place it as one of my favorites this summer, second only to Age of Ultron. I would recommend it for anyone who wanted to see it. (And watch it through the credits, as there are two after credit scenes in the movie.



American Sniper:



I did see this movie at the beginning of the year, and I thought it was good. Bradley Cooper did a great job with his role as Chris Kyle, a sniper who served for tours in Iraq. It has some good action scenes and a few tense scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat. But it also shows Chris as home, as he struggles to adjust to life outside of war. Based on a true story and directed by Clint Eastwood, its a movie I would recommend to anyone who interested in these movies.


(Sorry for the short opinion on this one. I haven't seen it in awhile. :P)






Another movie that kind of stands out on this list, Southpaw is the story of a Boxer named Billy Hope (play by Jake Gyllenhaal) loses everything after his wife is killed. He makes some questionable choices because of this, choices that cause him to lose custody of his daughter. He then turns to a trailer named Tick Willis (played by Forest Whitaker) to help him get his daughter and life back.


Jake Gyllenhaal does an amazing job as Billy in this movie. He gave great performances in Prisoners and Nightcrawler, and he continues that streak here. Forest is also great, though he doesn't show in the movie until about the midway point. But I think that the actress who played Billy's daughter, Oona Laurence, did a great job too. The saying that 'kids are not good actors' does not apply to her in this movie.


Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. It can get depressing at times, and the story might get slow at points for some viewers. But the great performances will keep you invested in the movie.



These are the movies I've seen so far this year. Thanks to anyone who reads all of this! B-)


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